Ghost Recon Wildlands Predator AI is Shameful

Ubisoft’s development teams might not be massively well respected for their game AI behaviors even though they have done reasonable jobs in the past, but their most recent venture with the timed Ghost Recon Wildlands Predator event is simply soul destroying.

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Elwenil335d ago

Sounds like someone got sand in their panties.

bunt-custardly335d ago

Probably mixed with a bit of smegma as well for extra discomfort.

NewMonday334d ago

now he knows how those commandos felt in Predator 1.

cleft5334d ago

The dude is just standing in the open, why wouldnt the Predator kill him. Has he not seen the movies. It should be incredibly hard to take down the Predator. The thing hunts the toughest enemies on the worlds it comes across for sport. Its like there galactic pass time, so yeah its going to be incredibly hard to beat it.

antz1104335d ago

It's not that bad by far. Very fun and nostalgic.

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OoglyBoogly334d ago

Eh, it's a pain and the video clearly shows that the Predator appears and reappears in different spots instantly and there's more than one on screen.

Certainly some screwy mechanics.

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Angerfist335d ago

He is right though - at one point when you damage him enough he is basically teleporting and takes out 3 Guys in a matter of seconds. There is one way of defeating him though.

There is a spot on the border of the battleground where you have lots of trees and big rocks to provide cover while he also cant spawn behind you.

Stick with (hopefully Buddies, not AI, as tgey do no damage) in the Center of it and watch the predator drop on those Rocks. A good sniper can take him down with the HTI with a good amount of hits and some LMG help.

chrono1205335d ago

I'm tier 36 and I beat solo. Is he giving people that much trouble?
I stood on a rock and and used the audio cues to track,and squeeze of a few rounds at him. Slow but worked.

Cyborgg334d ago

I killed him with help and it was tough. That strategy did work though lol

Ukgamer335d ago

The AI isn't great you can be shooting at the camouflaged Predator in one direction and suddenly it disappears and is shooting you from 50mtrs behind you, apart from that I love all the sound effects and the music pity there isn't more to it.

morganfell335d ago

It also isn't as if the AI is stellar anywhere else in that game. I like a lot about Wildlands but between the bad AI and Unidad that has more helicopters than the US, much of that game needed some redesign.

DialgaMarine335d ago

To be fair, that is a legitimate experience. Predators are OP as all hell when compared to humans, so it’s not surprising lol

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