LocoRoco 2 confirmed for November in Europe

SCEE has confirmed that LocoRoco 2 will be shipping across Europe this November.

The sequel to 2006's PSP hit "uses both music and colour as part of the gameplay" reads the press release.

"The story begins when the happy and harmonious LocoRoco are attacked by the evil Moja army – who want to destroy their beautiful planet with their evil music. Easy to pick up, players use the simple buttons of the PSP to tilt the LocoRoco's planet back and forth, manoeuvring the jelly-like bubbles of fun to collect musical notes and other colourful items. As LocoRoco collect more musical notes, various bonus features will unlock, such as viewing maps."

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RAF-TECH3447d ago

Plays this on my PSP.

I found the game to be really gay.
But it does get girls to play.

hay3447d ago

Call me a girl, but LocoRoco is awesome.

Lord_Ash3447d ago

If you mean by "gay" as "very happy" then yes this game is gay, lol.

Lord_Ash3447d ago

Yes the wait will soon be over, one of my most anticipated games of 2008.