Detroit Become Human is a Sci-Fi Adventure With Plenty of Heart [GCP]

Detroit Become Human is Quantic Dream's latest foray into action-adventure that is driven by player choices, leading to different story outcomes.We’ve seen this before with their previous works, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. Detroit Become Human is by far the team’s most beautiful title yet and looks to be their most polished.

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kevnb281d ago

game looks dumb, they need better writers to pull this sort of thing off... that or actual fun gameplay.

UCForce281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

It isn’t going to change that. Because Quantic Dream track record show that their main focus is interactive story telling game. Even Heavy Rain was QD big hit. Detroit Become Human will not just write by David Cage. It will also be written by one of his co writers.

kevnb281d ago

I bet this will be his last game with a big budget.

UCForce281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

@Imalwaysright and @kevnb David Cage isn’t perfect for sure, but his fans do love his games. So he and QD will keep continue doing that. I remember I watched the PS3 demo called “Kara”. When I watched that video, I got emotional on that video and I knew QD have potential to make a great game. So they do it with Detroit Become Human. Even previews said the game have gone back to Heavy Rain roots where you play as three main characters and choice does really matter. Again, Detroit Become Human will have co writer to help David Cage.

Big_Game_Hunters281d ago

Their track record also shows they aren't very good at story telling.

Imalwaysright281d ago

QD is being dragged down by one of the worst writers in this industry: David Cage. I can only imagine their potential if they had decent writers.

LP-Eleven281d ago

Good, don’t buy it then.

OT: As an actual fan of Quantic’s games, this game is much more Heavy Rain than Beyond! And that’s a great thing! Just need a release date!

Frinker281d ago

"With Plenty of Heart" whilst the accommodating image shows a man pointing a gun to child's head

Lord_Sloth281d ago

Have you met kids these days?

Imalwaysright280d ago

I shouldn't.... but I laughed!

UCForce281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Well, the game wasn’t try to be entertaining. It’s more about handling the hostage situation. Even in real life, criminals can do that. In this game, you have a choice to make different.

kreate280d ago

I'm not sure what ppl are referring to when stating David cage games needs better writers.

Video game story telling kinda sucks to begin with compared to the movie/tv industry. Within the video games industry, David cage games has better story than most games out there.