Sony is Sending Out PlayStation Store Discount Codes in the Weekly Newsletter Email

"If you’re one of the people who receive the weekly newsletter emails from PlayStation then you might want to go check your inbox."

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Kribwalker126d ago

i got one, now just to decide what to fill my cart with

blackblades126d ago

I got one to, to bad I already bought stuff right before I seen it in my email. Would of went good with my $10 from sony rewards. Also someone gave you a disagree probably cause they're jealous.

PeaSFor125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Btw this is smart business from Sony, they give you 20%discount and it motivate peoples to spend money, i had nothing in mind to purchase this weekend other than pre-ordering Accounting+(psvr), but since they gave me a discount code it pretty much ended up buying The Solus Project(for VR), PlaystationVr World and Raw Data too.

124d ago

I suppose because Sony apparently doesn't send these to ALL PSN users. Between my new Sony 4K TV, PS4 Pro, and games I spent $5,000+ this year on Sony products. I've never received any of these 20% off codes.

The_Sage125d ago

Kribwalker is a Sony hating Xbox fanboy, Smooth.

Sm00thNinja125d ago

SAGE he does own a PS4. He post on the community page regularly although he does prefer Xbox.

Kribwalker125d ago

i’m a psplus subscriber too 😉

125d ago
morganfell125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@NoBatman, we are not. We are very familiar with his Sony hate. Trolls often go to great lengths to try and appear if they are part of a community they dislike. They falsely believe this lends some credence to their ridiculous remarks. It doesn't.

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Frinker125d ago

I got one too. Looks like they're giving them out to the real playstation fans like us

Sm00thNinja125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Kribwalker .....a real PS fan 😂😂😂 😥 that was a good one.

TheColbertinator125d ago

Sony sent me one too. Probably not gonna use it but thank you Sony.

As N4G's most respected Sony enthusiast I want to thank Kaz Hirai from the bottom of my Playstation loving heart


Sm00thNinja125d ago

Is that self anointed? Not hating but I've never heard of you? Why not use the discount? 20 percent will net you a lot of goodies. I'm finally going to tackle the Horizon DLC

RememberThe357125d ago

Never heard of any of you. Hell, I've been on that site for like 10 years and no one's heard of me.

125d ago
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PhoenixUp126d ago

Why doesn’t Sony send this to everyone, or better yet just send me one once

blackblades126d ago

Lol you people don't learn do ya, you gotta be signed up for the newsletter. If you are you better go have a chat with sony.

Aenea125d ago

And you don't listen either I suppose since most people who do complain are actually signed up for their newsletter. I am and only sporadically actually receive one, not this time again of course...

ziggurcat125d ago

I'm signed up, and I never receive these newsletters.

PhoenixUp125d ago

I am and I still get nothing

Sonyslave3125d ago

check your email lol I almost deleted mines

PhoenixUp125d ago

I did and I never get anything like always

Mr-Dude125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

And never EU.... booooh!

DaGreatOne125d ago

Thank goodness I clicked the link and seen that image, I sent this email to the trash without second thought. Glad I didn't empty yet.

MatrixxGT125d ago

Me too. I seen this article and went back and looked. Glad i didnt delete it.

FITgamer125d ago

I got one. Not sure if I should wait to use until next week's sales. Tempted to use on SWBF 2 seeing as it's 40% off already, but my better half is telling me not to.

arkard125d ago

Doesn't stack with discounts... You'll get 20% off base price

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