PS4 Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima Gets Spectacular Concept Art Showing its Setting

The open-world setting of Ghost of Tsushima shines in new artwork provided by developer Sucker Punch, showing beautiful vistas.

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Lovable66d ago

I'm dying to see some gameplay of this...

thorstein66d ago

Well. You are on N4G so, someone disagrees that you are dying to see the gameplay.

Lol. This site.

Lynx020766d ago

N4G users always know better what you think. If more people disagree with Lovable, maybe he would finally understand that he isn't dying to see the gameplay at all.

morganfell66d ago

It is simple jealousy over games like Ghost of Tsushima. I look at such disagrees as a badge of honor. It also works as an angst meter because, let's not kid anyone. We know who it is. It is certain persons with no real exclusives that are boiling over titles like this.

Markusb3366d ago

Top comment ! Your point of view and subjective opinion is wrong haha

starchild66d ago

Me too. I was really hoping we'd see some at PSX. I'm super hyped for this game.

Aenea66d ago

Have to say, since they've been working on this for quite some time, 3-4 years already, I kinda expected to have seen some gameplay already.

sammarshall10266d ago

This looks fantastic. I just played some Infamous Second Son the other day in anticipation of this new Sucker Punch IP

65d ago
Kumakai66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Awesome. Can’t wait to see it in action.

george95766d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Damn! This game looks so beautiful. Cant wait to see some gameplay.. Cant wait for E3 2018... Hope they add Photo Mode option. #PS4Domination

66d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.