Blu-Ray is NOT Coming to 360 has discovered that the rumoured Blu-Ray add-on is once again false.

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CAPT IRISH3543d ago

Like we didnt know already

TheTwelve3543d ago

Well, duh. The only true and relevant advantage the 360 has left is the cost. The Blu-Ray drive would make it WAY too expensive.


Hydrolex3543d ago

it's too late !!!!

20million people already have Xbox 360.

Developers won't make all Xbox 360 games on Blu-ray because they will lose money


iMad3543d ago

Blue Ray is not goint to XBOX as it is not going to be supported by Windows...BR will be supported only by 3th party software which nobody buy nowdays. without Windows support BluRay will not have as much success as DVD has.

lowcarb3543d ago

If I wanted a bluray player to watch movies I would go and buy one. It's ashame PS3 fans were forced into excepting bluray as some type of standard this gen when it wasn't even needed. I want a game console 1st not movie player 1st. LOL at all you guys trying to justify how much you spent.

Mr_Bun3543d ago

Does this mean that the 360 is gettin' a blu-ray drive?

I've only been told 45 times that it isn't...Apparently I need to be told again.

bunbun7773543d ago

DaDarkKnight (15)has a link for you down below.

Diamondwolf3543d ago

Seriously? That's your post? You rocked yourself in your first sentence.

"If I wanted a bluray player to watch movies I would go and buy one. It's ashame PS3 fans were forced into excepting bluray as some type of standard this gen when it wasn't even needed."

You're right, it wasn't needed, but neither were the L2/LB and R2/RB when it came to light, now it is. When you are advancing something, there's a bit of a learning curve that comes with it. Now, on to your statement.

When I bought my PS3, I knew what I wanted. I wanted a BluRay player, I wanted to browse online, I wanted music, pictures, slideshow, wifi, free online, gaming console, wireless bluetooth controllers without having to replace my batteries, playstation exclusive games and a memory card reader. Was I forced to buy? no, because I don't NEEEED any of that.

When I bought my 360, I wanted a pure gaming machine with access to the xbox exclusives, and trophies, and multi-user profiles playing the same game with in game music access.

Now I feel sorry for people like you, because if I only had a 360 (like obviously you do), I would be -forced- to buy a bluray player if I wanted one. But those who have a PS3 don't have to spend any extra money to get it.

Doesn't that make you just feel soggy?

Your comment one more time

""If I wanted a bluray player to watch movies I would go and buy one."

Spend extra money on top of your 360 to get it? But you are fanboyishly attacking PS3 owners that don't have to "go and buy one"

One last time

""If I wanted a bluray player to watch movies I would go and buy one."

Thugbot1873543d ago

Sad to say but BLU RAY is on its way out. When you have big people in the industry saying they don't see it being around for more than five years

Samsung -


Aaron Greenberg http://www.videogaming247.c... - Is actual words are pretty harsh,

Decline in sales

Its like how many people do you have to hear it from to realize, it's on it's way out. Why would MS want to put it in there system. At 30 dollars a movie I would rather bump my nextflix rental up or use the money to buy a game.

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krakdol3543d ago

MGS4 is NOT coming to 360, and LBP is not either.

Nothing except RROD and failure is coming to crapbox 180 anyway.

acheashadow3543d ago

wow.. your not a fanboy are you? Try being open minded - yes were not getting APB or MGS4 but your not getting Fable II or Gears of War 2 or the other long list of 360 Exclusives!

Pain3543d ago

just in time to get a Little pice of the Dark Night Blu-ray in hi-def Mega Movie holiday sales Money.

and just in time to be called world around big fat lying Hypocrites

Stubacca3543d ago

I don't want Fable II anyway. Or another Halo rehash either. Gears is pretty cool, but this story makes me sad because as much as I think the 360 sucks (and it does suck), this means fewer people can enjoy the phenomenon that is Blu-Ray.

What good is a HDMI port without Blu-Ray? Downloadbale films? Don't make me laugh.

acheashadow3543d ago

lol yeah this rumour seems to resurface every 3 months

GametimeUK3543d ago

360 doesnt need blu ray... blu ray is poo

highdro3543d ago

talk with ur brain not ur a$$.... :D

GametimeUK3543d ago

Not me I play on a 32 inch HDTV and on a 40 inch HDTV
But blu ray is over priced in the fact standard DVD's look good and are VERY cheap... when it comes down to it blu ray isnt worth the extra money

bunbun7773543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Anyone that hasnt watched BR on a HD tv should just shut up. Seriously- this isnt about consoles per se as it is about reality- sorry but technology affords more quality to those that utilize it and pay for it, and in the case of Speed Racer, it looks better on BR- I also picked up 300 and Pans Labyrinth (17.50 each!) and everyone that watches it on my humble 32" 720p is impressed. No- BR is not needed for the 360, but cmon ms lovers think about it....(what if halo 4 was on a 50gb disk-- sounds nice doesn't it? Cmon......)

-dvd's are now cheap thanks to BR- its media so the price always reflects perceived value.

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