PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets Screenshots Showing Gorgeous Vistas and Character Images

Sony Interactive Entertainment shares a few new images of God of War, that will hit a PS4 near you sometime in early 2018.

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sammarshall102131d ago

Looking good. I think this game will be special

AdonisIsBeast131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

This and Days Gone are my most anticipated games for 2018

and Spiderman...

and Ni no Kuni...

and Dreams...


Like 5 high quality psvr games.

Just make sure if you decide to shell out 500 bucks for an XOneX you be sure to customize your controller because that is what it’s all about baby.

And just to be clear that was a modest list based off of my personal upcoming games. I understand that there are a shit load more. Just want to make sure i didn’t sound overly bias because I have always wanted to pay a hundred dollars to have my controller be camo with pink triggers. That would be so sick right.

combatcash131d ago

I think having that option doesn’t hurt for the enthusiast. Either way this is a PS4 article, no reason to bring up the X here. Makes you look a bit insecure, all console gamers know both systems have a lot to offer.

morganfell131d ago

He is only beating the inevitable arrivals to the punch.

russo121130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Truth is there is no competition, Sony wins you like it or not, has the variety, games, exclusives and most of all good price. Just accept that and if you can't just deal with it (words taken from an MS employee). By the way, what do you understand about insecurity? I don't see in his words any insecurity, just an advice to people like you.
Sorry for the rant but what matters is we will have masterpieces in our hands next year for every type of gamer.

combatcash130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I don’t worry about Sony or MS winning, and I don’t understand why some gamers do. I own both systems, so IMO they both offer plenty. BTW if you feel the need to passive aggressively put down, something or someone in order to talk yourself up, or in this case the PS4 the it does look a bit insecure,

FalconofLucis130d ago

These are my anticipated games for 2018:
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- God of War
- Ni No Kuni 2
- Red Dead Redemption 2 (although im quit cynical now, some of the key devs left throughout development and its probably gonna turn into a microtransaction fest focused around multiplayer).
- Im also still waiting for nintendo to port Windwaker HD remastered to Switch, DO IT NINTENDO = EASY SALES EASY $$$$, gives me a reason to buy a switch.

Nonetheless, 2018 will be a good year for video games.

FalconofLucis130d ago

forgot to mention Spiderman 2018 too

AdonisIsBeast130d ago


I’m not worried about either “winning” anything. I don’t receive a paycheck from Sony or MS, I’m simply a logical individual. I read how people are shrouded in delusion and try to waste their time convincing others that somethig isn’t as it truly is. There is no reason to own an XBox and believe me if they had exclusives that matter I would definitely buy one. They practically give it away for free during certain sales throughout the year.

KickSpinFilter130d ago

I'm a little worried about Dreams...Cuz if that game is good and building content is that fun like what I was hearing coming out of PSX. I don't think I'll never get out of that game. And there are Sooooooooo many PS4 games coming.

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Xenophon_York131d ago

Crazy—didn't think there would be another historically monumental year of phenomenal PlayStation games till MAYBE PlayStation 5. Yet, one year later it's another landslide. Feel bad for those who've been brainwashed by Microsoft, but the company itself can go on ahead and eat a Bighard rock.

131d ago
DialgaMarine131d ago

Can’t wait to play this.

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