Ghost of Tsushima — The History of Sucker Punch’s New PS4 Exclusive (Part 1)

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 will be a fictional story, but will be firmly rooted in a precise and fascinating historical setting.

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UCForce33d ago

Oh boy, i’m enjoying this.

Brielle______31d ago

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FallenAngel198432d ago

Sucker Punch surprised me with this

morganfell31d ago

Are you saying they sucker punched you?

Kakashi Hatake31d ago

This game looks like it'll be great but they should've named it something different. Never a good idea to have a name most people won't be able to pronounce.

morganfell31d ago

Am I the only one that sees the irony here?

OB1Biker31d ago

it s referring to a real place and historical event. If you prefer a title like the 'Pepsi cola game' for convenience thats a shame.

Abriael31d ago

Learning something new isn't a bad thing, yanno.

starchild31d ago

Tsushima shouldn't be hard to pronounce for most English speakers. The sounds of each syllable are already present in English. If people can learn how to say "Nioh" or "Ni No Kuni" they shouldn't have any problem with "Tsushima".

ShadowWolf71231d ago

Honestly, it doesn't use any sort of language structure rules we don't use in the West. Pretty easy to pronounce.

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smooch_35731d ago

This is great. I always wished the Uncharted Stories would have gone even more deep into the historical backgrounds that they were based upon. I remember after Uncharted 2, I went on Wikipedia and read up on Kubla Khan because I found the back story so interesting.

brando00830d ago

Couldn't have asked for a better article tonight XD