A First Look at Darksiders 3 Gameplay Shows Fury In Action

A First Look at Darksiders 3 Gameplay shows us a truly vicious look at the new protagonist of the game, Fury in all her glory.

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UCForce244d ago

It’s look much better and the sound have much improved.

GottaBjimmyb242d ago

Reminds me a lot of the old God of War (not a fan, but the new one looks really good) games mixed with heavenly sword. I think for it's genre it looks pretty damn good really, but I am not a fan personally.

mikeslemonade242d ago

It's disappointing looking as a Darksiders 1 fan. Darksiders was good until the endgame levels. The only thing this may have is good level design.

bouzebbal241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Classic gameplay but looks nice.i like this series, especially the first one. It had an amazing character design

darthv72241d ago

My kind of game... man I hope this does well and leads to the final horseman game.

Christopher241d ago

I kind of like how each game is changing gameplay to account for the different characters of a sort, but also wish I had a sequel where I could play as War again.

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EricLane242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Looks okay.

Crueltylizer242d ago

Visually it looks good. But some of the animations definitely needs work.
The animation blends on the main character looks like they haven't really blended properly and her idle animation (and going into idle animation) looks kinda odd.

LonDonE241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Agreed but I think the important thing will be engine optimization! This type of action game is best played at 60fps.

Its why bayonetta and ninja gaiden felt so good!

But so far the videos have shown frame rate issues.
I was shocked to find the remastered darksiders 1 and 2 on Xbox one still did not run a solid 60fps.

Crueltylizer241d ago

I'm really surprised the remastered versions are running 60fps - Haven't got an Xbox, but I would definitely have thought they'd be running at 60fps.

LonDonE238d ago

Yes darksiders 1 remaster runs at 60 but is not a solid 60 and darksider 2 runs only 30fps and dips below at times which is very bad! its a shame as i was looking forward to playing through both games again at 60fps but looks like i should of just gotten both of them on my pc instead.

I doubt the darksiders 3 will be 60fps which will be a shame, i will defo get it on pc as action games like these just feel perfect at 60fps.

Frinker242d ago

The dodge and whip animations are superb!

Ashunderfire86242d ago

God of War ripe this one a new one 2018!

Zeref241d ago

I don't think this competes with God of War. God of War doesn't even look like it's gonna be hack and slash.

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Ulf241d ago

It'd be humorous if Darksiders didn't come to PS4.

Rude-ro241d ago

That is proving to not go so well with games that just stick to Microsoft.

StormSailor241d ago

God of War 3 2010 on PS3 looks much more beautiful and better done than this game

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