Monster Hunter World PS4 Beta Coming Back This Month; No PlayStation Plus Required

If you missed the PS4 beta of Monster Hunter World, you'll get another chance across Christmas, without any PlayStation Plus restriction.

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UCForce39d ago

Well, that’s pretty nice.

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Liliana____39d ago

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DarkOcelet39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Awesome. Loved the beta so much so its good to be back playing it again so soon before the game releases on january.

UCForce39d ago

I would play that game than PUGB. I’m dead serious.

DarkOcelet38d ago

Gotta agree with that. PUBG is good and all but its simply not my cup of tea. MH: World on the other hand, well... I can see myself spend hundreds of hours on.

NoPeace_Walker38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well, I am playing both. I am also dead serious. 👍🏼

DarkOcelet38d ago


More power to you I guess. Hope you have fun with both of them :)

UCForce38d ago

@NoPeace_Walker it’s like you made a right and wrong choice at the same time. For me, I choose a polish,fun and robust games.

NoPeace_Walker38d ago

Ucforce, it is easy for you because you only have one choice. I get to choose....with the bonus of the best console version no matter which one I chooses. Cheers.

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UCForce38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@NoPeace_Walker It’s easy for me because I don’t to get screwed by poorly optimized and pay to an “Early Access” games. Like I said before, I choose to buy a finished production game.

zerocarnage37d ago

That's just daft to say, nothing wrong with early access games at all, once they're finished they're great but it's not just about that. Sometimes it's about the journey of development that you can go through as well, like you actually watching/playing development in stages as they develop in there studios.

Servbot4138d ago

I was getting bored of the beta but then when it was taken away I wanted it so bad. Wish they'd release it on all platforms though to get more exposure.

PurpHerbison38d ago

The beta did get boring once you finished the 3 quests but it was also because of lot of the spirit of Monster Hunter just wasn't present in the beta. Monster Hunter has always been about the journey for me. Can't wait to grind my characters armor and weapons. I'm even excited about fishing.

Lord_Sloth38d ago

Yeah, I loved the gameplay but since I wasn't collecting anything I didn't play it much beyond completing the 3 levels. I'll give it my all when the game launches.

zerocarnage37d ago

It is being released on all platforms, unless you mean the demo, which yeah I agree should of happened and it's pretty daft they didn't.

But do you know sometimes it's best to not even have a demo, some people play them and take is as the whole game and judge a demo on it, when they don't realize that it's only a small percentage of the game made available.

I know tons on my friends list on Xbox who are getting it and that's a good sign, everyone who I've said look at this game was in amazement of it and only a couple have ever played a MH game before.

Like I said in another MH thread, I'm looking forward to this more than x-mas lol..

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The story is too old to be commented.
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