TGS 2008: Final Fantasy XIII live premiere in two days

Sony have released their full Tokyo Game Show 2008 schedule in their website, and on the final day of TGS, October 12, there is one live premiere that will be held at the PlayStation HALL Limited Live:


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Silogon3537d ago

Sony's pulling out this big guns, guys. Watch out! They have a multiplatform game, that'll no doubt end up looking better on the other hardware, to show off for the big finish of TGS! What a joke. Remember when Sony had EA do a presentation of Madden back at the E3 where Ps3 was 1st shown? They talked about how they could do this and that and that and this with the ps3 and then they came out with madden for the xbox 360 and it looked better than the ps3 version?

I do...

Deviant3537d ago

when MS didnt show anything else than multiplatform stuff.

TheColbertinator3537d ago

Yeah he got you there Silogon.Try again

ShinMaster3537d ago

EA developed their sport games on 360 and ported them to PS3 because it wasn't released for another year.

But when they truly develop on PS3 hardware first, like Burnout or Skate 2, you see a much better improvement from their previous PS3 games.

And in this case, Square-Enix will not make a 360 port until they've fully completed development on PS3.
They'll "try" to keep the 360 version "close" to the PS3 version.

thor3537d ago

Yeah but I don't think SE has released a game on PS3 yet, and their engine is designed to be multi-platform. I can see that the game will have been designed around their multi-platform engine which, even if it is optimised for PS3, is not built FOR PS3 from the ground up, which you need to do really because the architecture is so different. With their coding experience on 360, they can keep optimising and optimising until the version is near identical. And the 360 version will come without an install. Just think - for all the advantages of blu-ray, the PS3 version might get you to do a 3-minute install at each point the 360 version just gets you to pop in another disk, taking you 10 seconds. It's very possible that FFXIII will do this, especially after MGS4 did it. Installs after each act is a LOT more inconvenient than swapping disks.

kratos-i-am3537d ago

You do realise that FF is being developed first for PS3 right? It's also being released first in Japan on PS3! It's optimised for PS3 and uses most of it's advantages including blu ray! Have fun a year later when it's finally released with multiple disks that aren't even optimised for Dolby 7.1 surround and a proper 1080p display on your Xbox! It's pretty pathetic actually this gen with all these fanboys! Oh Silogon! Cute little fanboy! who is really getting the short end of the stick?

richie007bond3537d ago

I agree 100%,i have had my ps3 for 2 years now and ive not seen anything on the ps3 that the 360 cant do..Am lucky if i switch it on a few times a week to watch the odd blu ray flick,Sony hyped the ps3 to so great a heights that it has a long way to fall..THANKS VERY MUCH SONY.Just as well i have my 360 to provide great gaming end of story the buts or BS am not interested in excuses or yeah but no buts BS so dont go there...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3537d ago

I'm still laughing about how xbox fans thought they were getting final fantasy 13...then square revealed that they would be getting watered down fantasy 13.

Why o why3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

i understand that ur a cynic and all that but your split personality or one of the people using that account have issues at home. From now on im gunna call you gamesblow because you say you dont like it yet all you wanna do is annoy. Get your head out of MS's ars will ya. Ive seen a couple exlusives for the ps3 announced and theres still days to go. Ur like an unhappy gamer that has lost his gaming soul. Your probably put more time into n4g than playing the games you said you enjoy. I hope im wrong but it seems that your bi polar tendencies shine through every time i see your comments.


how many games have you played this year on your 360. please do tell. I remember the times when 360 like urself would take the mick out of sony fans because of the games that we knew were coming out. Now in 08 sony have released more games than the MS in numbers and quality. What a difference a year makes aey


silogon reminds me of a small bluberry. A soft, juicy, berry I wanna SMUSH with my fingers.

juuken3537d ago

You're also forgetting that technically, the PS3 version of FFXIII comes out first in Japan along with Advent Children Complete. I don't see Square offering that to Microsoft, so why should Sony neglect to advertise that?

Final_Rpg3537d ago

Can someone direct me to the button that keeps Silogon in the open zone?

Genesis53537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Well at least Sony didn't have to pay for their edition and they are the lead platform.

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masterofpwnage3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

hit up gano for the link, to see wat sony is about to do for nxt 2 days.

cant wait.

just wen i thought square left us.
u sly mother fuker

fufotrufo3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

indeed sony is warming up ..with their conference over and showing FFXII a multiplat game way for warming up! Go get em tiger!

gano3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Thank you master. But some people don't like truths.
Like paying over 500 for the xbox live exp.
Oh well, ms really is destroying this generation of gamers.

fufotrufo3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

masterofpwnage buddy ..saw the list you didn't knew about the existence of FFXIII??

October 11th (Saturday) 12:00 - 12: 30 PLAYSTATION®3
Little big planet Live Performance Show

13:00 - 13: 30 PLAYSTATION®3× [bandainamukogemusu]
NARUTO-[NARUTO]- [naruteimetsutosutomu] Super Ninja Session
14:00 - 14: 30 PLAYSTATION®3

Little big planet Live Performance Show

15:00 - 15: 30 LEVEL5 vs PS3®
White horseman story Special Session

16:00 - 16: 30 PLAYSTATION®3×SEG A
3 actual records as though dragon! As though dragon

October 12th (day) 11:30 - 12: 00 PLAYSTATION®3×KON AMI
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - The Global Challenge-
12:30 - 13: 00 PLAYSTATION®3

Little big planet Live Performance Show

14:00 - 14: 45 PLAYSTATION®3×CAP COM
BIOHAZARD 5 Director's Session
Rearrangement ticket admission system (above age restriction 17 year old)

Rearrangement ticket admission system

whats new about this?.. all those games were announced to be in the sony's booth

juuken3537d ago

FFXIII comes out first on the PS3 in Japan. So uh...why shouldn't Sony advertise that? Plus it comes with Advent Children Complete. Unless Square had some weird deal with Microsoft and the movie comes out along with their copy, then Sony has every right to advertise it. Oh, and FFXIII for the PS3 gets a demo along with the movie. :3

Lol, anything to bash Sony.

Oh, and they actually showed *new* things as well?

Common Sense3537d ago

are such hypocrites. Sony shows a multiplatform game and you say they suck. At E3, majority of the good games MS showed were multiplatform. The only good exclusives they showed was Gears and Fable 2.

At TGS, Microsoft has shown an expansion for Halo 3, SO4, whose exclusivity is in question and a multiplatform game, Tekken 6.

Sony has shown White Knight Chronicles, announced two new exclusives, Demon Souls and Quantum theory. They still 9 PS3 announcements to go and Sony is going to show off FFXIII on the PS3.

Silogon is also delusional. By the time the PS3 version of FFXIII releases in NA, it would have been in development for 4-5 years. The 360 version doesn't exist yet and won't even start till after June of 2009. If SE doesn't do a half-assed port (Madden 08, Bioshock and the Orange box, I'm looking at you), we won't the 360 version till 2010 at best.

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TheColbertinator3537d ago

Good.SE,just do it and I'm fine with it for now

fufotrufo3537d ago

cool..lets see how this baby looks in real time

TheColbertinator3537d ago

Yeah that fake HUD from the first trailer is getting very old

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3537d ago

Sounds cool;)
The BORING Micro$oft stuff is out the way now!!! ;-D

Lanoire3537d ago

I cant help but feel that they have something big planned. Something really kept in the dark till the final moment.

And now suddenly, SE and Sony premiere.
Like Level 5 premiere yesterday? Oo that sure gets my attention.

Also why is Sephiroth Sackboy suddenly shown. Why is Cloud suddenly revealed to be in Dissidia?

Is there something big going on I need to know about?
SE the trash company, the EA of the east, do they have something planned for PS3 after all?

We will see. Level 5 ftw.
SE ftl?

PumPum3537d ago

Yup, all they ever show are multiplats and bots pretend that they get the prize.

jacaranda3537d ago

Don't make us hype that again! :P

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