Fortnite Crossplay Feature Works Incredibly Well

Gaz from Gameondaily explains why Fortnite's crossplay feature works extremely well between PC and PS4.

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jgarcia96d ago

This makes me really wish Warframe was crossplay between PC and PS4

gangsta_red96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I wish Warframe would fix a lot of it's UI issues.

gangsta_red96d ago

"Fortnite prompts you to create an account with Epic Games on both consoles and PC before you play the game."

Waitaminute...what!? That is definitely going to turn off a lot of people.

I never believed the whole K&M vs Controller thing anyways. Especially today's controllers being the way they are.

Great article Gaz from Gameondaily, hope to see more in the future.

bobsmith95d ago

you dont have to make Epic account I skipped it

BootHammer96d ago

I've yet to check this out, but keep on hearing great things about Fortnite.

ExPresident95d ago

it's fantastic. Fun game just to play and not be to serious. Easy to pick up and learn to and you can do a lot better by learning to build on the fly. As long as they keep it so nothing in the MP mode can be purchased to make you better then it'll remain great. You can't go wrong checking out the MP mode for free!

BootHammer95d ago

I'm glad it's doing so well and I definitely hope they keep the loot box and PTW nonsense out of it. Looks like Epic Games and Gearbox have a winner on their hands if they keep it going in the right direction.

yumi7696d ago (Edited 96d ago )

So here we have yet another article begging PS4 to join crossplay with xbox at least this one acknowledges that PS4 already has crossplay with PC.

Why would Sony help Microsoft in Europe where they are outselling xbox 4 to 1? Sony offered crossplay when the numbers were more equal last gen and Microsoft declined. But of course Microsoft wants to paint Sony as the bad guys here even though it was their own bad decisions last gen and with the vision for the xbox this gen that put them into a situation where they need to beg Sony for users.

MakoD95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

I am a little confused by the whole thing to honest as Tim Sweeney is one of the biggest voices against what Microsoft is trying to do with UWP/Microsoft Store. The whole Microsoft thing with the cross-play thing is just a strange attempt to get more people into Microsoft's ecosystem. It maybe that they don't see Microsoft as a really a threat to their business any longer as UWP/Store are basically failures.

I agree though, from a business perspective there really is no reason for Sony to be engaged in this. Sony really doesn't gain anything from it.... and they have everything to lose.

yomfweeee95d ago

Mako it was Microsoft who made the developer kill the PS4 - X1 cross play. Don't blame Sony.

Sony will never require their users to have a Live account to, which is what Microsoft wants. Microsoft acts like they're open, but only under their terms.

slavish095d ago

Look at it from a consumer perspective not a business perspective unless you actually work for the company.

MakoD95d ago

You and I are on the same page.

MakoD95d ago

Ok, I want a outlook client on my ps4/vita....why doesn't MS make one? No business reason.

How about MS get rid of Uwp and the MS Store and sell Halo and Gears on Steam and the PS4?

There simply is no reason for Sony to help MS. Don't worry MS will ditch UWP and the store in a few years.

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DJK1NG_Gaming95d ago

Uh because the developer themselves want to. The guy that was there at the Game Awards even mention it saying that they want Cross-Play.

MakoD95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

What does that have to do with what I said? As far as this developer, they (Sweeney) said UWP/MS store is bad news for developers, maybe MS should listen to them and shut that down?

There simply is no business reason for Sony to get involved... there is no reward, only risk for Sony.... all reward for MS as they are trying to get more users into their failing ecosystem. From a business perspective it doesn't add any value to Sony's business and adds risks. Not sure why people want to play against people with kbm as well but each his own.

gangsta_red95d ago

Exactly where in this article does it beg PS4 to join crossplay?

In fact this article not only acknowledges that PS4 and PC are crossplay but it's the whole damn article itself.

MakoD95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

"Fortnite stands as a great example of why crossplay should become the industry standard. The fact that, at one point, Xbox gamers were playing Fortnite together with their PC and PlayStation counterparts is also something to consider. Technically it works and conceptually, it is an equitable solution to an archaic barrier that has existed for far too long. I hope Sony reconsiders its stance on crossplay as a whole and Microsoft does more than babble on about crossplay vocally and actually put pressure to make it an industry standard."

Its the same stuff that has been going on for months. All these articles are just click bait. imo

I love the part about "industry standard". Let me guess everyone has to agree to everyone else.... so exactly when is Microsoft going to open Skype up to me or Xbox Live? Oh never, I don't blame them. LOL

Its clickbait.

gangsta_red95d ago

That quote is far from begging PS4 to join crossplay especially when the rest of the article is about how great it was to play against PS4 gamers from his PC.

And in the same quote that you put he even makes mention of MS not being all talk when it comes to crossplay. He actually called out MS in that same quote.

"I love the part about "industry standard""

Yes, he wants Microsoft to make it an industry standard to have crossplay between all gaming platforms. What is exactly the problem with that? Are you seriously opposed to having the opportunity to play against more players on PC, Switch, Xbox and PS4?

I'm failing to see the downside to having this an industry standard.

You took a small portion of the total article and ran with just that and now you're claiming clickbait.

MakoD95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


I don't think you know what an industrial standard is. So, you are saying Microsoft is going to open up an API for me to use at my free will, are they going to give me access to all users? I hate to tell you that is not how Microsoft works. There is no industrial standard... what Microsoft wants is an agreement with Sony, that is not an open industrial standard, nor is there going to be one. Cross play is already possible, been possible since the beginning technically. What they are talking about is allowing the two networks to play together... Sony doesn't want anything to do with it and even if they did, Microsoft hasn't released to the public what those requirements they are suggesting are. Cross play has been possible... no industrial standard is even needed...not sure what you are talking about. Sony is not going a developer to cross players.

"he wants Microsoft to make it an industry standard to have crossplay between all gaming platforms"

You or the author clearly don't know how this work, how exactly is Microsoft going to make Sony comply with their requirements? What industrial standard? Is there proposed industrial standard published? How do I get involved in the process? Oh, its not a standard, got it.

Its not a small portion, I pointed out exactly what you said wasn't in the article and its a whole paragraph... you can't be serious? Yes, its clickbait... articles like this every week.

gangsta_red95d ago


I think you are really going overboard and focusing on your own perception of the meaning "industry standard".

The author said he hopes he didn't say it was going to happen, he is clearly saying that he hopes that crossplay with other consoles becomes a standard. Industry meaning the video game industry, that is all.

How that translates in to MS opening up their API to everyone at free will is beyond me.

"Microsoft hasn't released to the public what those requirements they are suggesting are.."

You do realize that it's not just MS Sony turned down. It's the RL developers, the Tekken director, the ARK developers and some more, are you trying to say that they also gave Sony some sort of requirements that were in favor of MS?

Some of you are also assuming MS is asking for some type of ridiculous requirements that Sony must follow with no proof of your own to back it up. You're making it up and then running with it as some sort of defense as to why Sony turned them down.

It's not clickbait, it's a story about how well crossplay works and how seamless it was between PC and PS4. Instead of celebrating that you and your other took one small portion and turned it into a MS propaganda/clickbait argument.

MakoD95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


"How that translates in to MS opening up their API to everyone at free will is beyond me. "

Because you have no idea how any of this works.

Its a stupid clickbait article, just like the new today on n4g. It won't happen because of common sense. No industrial standard.... crossplay has always been possible. There is no incentive for Sony to play this silly game. The End.

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Xx_Pistol_xX95d ago

The same cross play that was removed from the Xbox version of the game in update 1.4. BUt XBox is cross play friendly.

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