Wreckfest - Major patch adds 8 new cars & Rival System, packs overall AI improvements

Bugbear Entertainment released the first major update to the Early Access version for Wreckfest since it started its cooperation with THQ Nordic in June 2017. Moreover, the publisher has released a new set of screenshots and you can view them below.

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crazychris4124215d ago

Completely forgot about this game. will have to check it out this weekend

Shuckylad213d ago

Wreckfest.., that sounds like my next two weeks.

quent213d ago

I hope they can get a publisher and speed up the development progress,the Flatout games has been my favorite arcade racer series for a long time, their physics engine made the game very replayable in the sense that every bump in the road or fender bender made a difference, you never know what's around the next corner and victory is never guaranteed

Blade92213d ago

Have you checked out Flatout 4?