Redout: Lightspeed Edition Gets Xbox One X Update - [email protected] with Dynamic Resolution

Anti-gravity racing game Redout: Lightspeed Edition just received an Xbox One X update, improving resolution to [email protected] with dynamic resolution.

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codelyoko244d ago

Dynamic resolution is a great feature, it should be optional in PC games too.

KaiPow244d ago

Agreed. I'd always take that if it meant stable frame rates.

Mostafeto244d ago

I am not too informed on it, can someone please explain exactly how dynamic resolution differs from normal resolution? Is the difference that noticeable?

Alexious244d ago

The point is that it shouldn't be. Instead of staying fixed at 1080P or 4K or whatever, it goes up and down depending on processing load to keep the frame rate as steady as possible.

Neonridr244d ago

in this case the difference is probably negligible. The resolution will change on the fly to ensure a steady framerate (say 60fps). So sometimes the game will be rendering at native 4K, other times it might only be say 1800p or something like that. The resolution swing probably isn't too great, so it's very doubtful that you would notice the game changing on the fly.

tontontam0244d ago

SHADOW OF WAR dynamic resolution available on pc, with an option to choose the target fps.

244d ago
sk8ofmnd244d ago

Games should only be released at a resolution that can keep a locked 30 or 60 fps period... theres no shame or big deal if the game was 1400-1800p at a locked fps. Dynamic resolution only hurts the overall exp.

2ndhandcorn244d ago

Will pick it up when it is cheaper.