Sony dates Resident Evil: Degeneration

Sony Pictures has confirmed that upcoming CGI zombie romp Resident Evil: Degeneration will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in North America on December 30, 2008.

According to reports, the film will be available for around USD 39.95, and features a number of extras such as character profiles, voice bloopers, an interview with male lead Leon Kennedy, a Resident Evil 5 videogame trailer, and a collection of trailers for Degeneration itself.

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Marcello3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Has no game studio learned from Squaresoft`s epic blunder that was Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. That movie went $50 million over budget and so ended up costing $125 million to make, thats more than it cost to make Star Wars EP1. Squaresoft didnt even manage to make a 5th back on that film & thus this spelt the end of Squaresoft :(

These kind of movies are expensive to make and considered by the mainstream movie goer to be too cartoony to be interested in. Movies like Shrek & Finding Nemo are accepted but game>movie are not, there just to much like the Saturday morning cartoons.

Squeenix also made Final Fantasy VII Advent Children which again IMO was a waste of time and money, you watch it once for 90 minutes and thats it. I can only imagine wat kind of great game we could have had for that time & money spend. I would have rather seen a game sequel to VII than a 90 min movie.

Lanoire3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

As for the quality of this movie, we will have to wait and see.
But I have a feeling this will be a good entertainment movie. It might not be 5 stars but I reckon 3 and a half should be achievable.

If anything, it might end up like Beowulf. Great CGI, emotionless characters but still fun for a night nevertheless.

qface643516d ago

capcom didn't spend that kind of cash on this movie not to mention this is a straight to dvd movie its not coming out in theaters they are gonna end up getting back what they spent on this movie and then some

Marcello3516d ago

Where does it say that i said this movie did cost much as FFTSW.

The point i am making is i would rather see the money spend on a game that we can enjoy for weeks even months than on a 90 min movie.

GametimeUK3516d ago

STFU guys he was talking about these types of movies in general... nob heads

anyway FF7 advent children sucked... I hope this does better... FF7 advent children basically pissed on the FF7 franchise

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cosmos3516d ago

It's probably not going to be good but I'm sure it will be far better than any of the live action films. With an animated installment they can stay as close to the original storyline as they want, creep mansion and all.

ceedubya93516d ago

Blu-ray version here I come. I'll be sure to catch it for the new release sale. Leon Kennedy ftw.

Kratos Spartan3516d ago

I'll be getting this. Even though it will be $40. OUCH!! And Right after Xmas, when I'm all broke. I love Resident Evil.

ceedubya93516d ago

In lots of cases (in the US anyway, don't know about other areas), DVDs/BRs are sold at a sale price for the first week of release. Might be about 5-10 bucks cheaper if you get it then. There always Amazon too.

Mr4023516d ago

I'll rent it before playing Resident evil 5.

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