Gears of War 2 Is "Epic's Best Work Yet"

Gears of War 2's moved a step closer to its November 7 release, with developer Epic announcing that work on the game's done and dusted.

"After two years of pouring our heart and passion into Gears of War 2, the team is immensely happy with what we've created," said design director Cliff Bleszinski. "This is Epic's best work yet, and we can't wait to see the response from fans and newcomers to the series alike."

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dro3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

man this november will be so HOT.....



i would love to see the battles that will take place on n4g when both games is relased ;-D

im getting both.... ;D

Lanoire3478d ago

My money is on Resistance.

UziSuicide3478d ago

I dunno how the two can be compared, ones a duck and cover 3rd person shooter and the other is an FPS. As games it'd be a bit hard to compare them fairly.

As for backdrop and story I have to say I prefer the resistance model. Just more my thing and a little more imaginative.


woww, gow looks just like unreal tournament. ...........ok.

Anyways, Resistance 2 is where its at. Not only do the graphics look awesome, but the technical achievements in that game really shine.

Now is the time when the ps3 starts to differentiate itself in terms to POWER.

AAACE53478d ago

I wasn't that excited when I first heard about Gears 2, but now, I am getting a bit more interested in picking this one up!

Keele3478d ago

If you don't like GoW then why the hell are you here?

Go comment on some Ps3 game or something.

Anyway, I look forward to it.

eric1003478d ago

it looks and plays so much better than gears 2

Sitdown3478d ago

"Resistance 2 will easily beat gears 2
it looks and plays so much better than gears 2 "

So you have played both?

pavarotti3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

just turns it into another ps3-vs-xbox thread. well done dro! but a quick peek at your post history just proves what you are. enough said.

nice to see the admin taking the usual action against the trolling that plagues every 360 thread.


on topic. obviously epic are gonna start hyping this now. but i'm not surprised they are happy. personally, i think gears2 will be the pinnacle of what the unreal3 engine will do. after this, i think epic should start working their next engine.

still, gears equals a day one purchase for me.

3478d ago
osamaq3478d ago

I don't know why everyone mention the 1.5 thing ?!!! , anyone can tell me why? , man I see a brand new game , with graphics gamplay guns size of maps vehicle multilayer improvement , so why everyone is mentioning the gears 1.5 version , any help here ?!!!

tehReaper3478d ago

It's because they're scared. They don't want to admit how great of a franchise Gears is becoming. Sad, really.

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lelo3478d ago

Waiting for it to come out :)

UziSuicide3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

It's typical Cliff Bleszinski hot air,

Unreal they had to fix the MP component which became UT, UT2003 was borked so we got UT2004 as a retail patch, UT3 is severely rushed feeling and unfinished so we'll no doubt get a UT4 addon to fix this too at some stage.

Actually, thinking about it... it probably wouldn't be too big a stretch of the imagination for this to be Epics best. Gears was okay but a little limited/boring.

Edit: I seem to remember seeing a making of video for UT3 on the net before its release with numerous devs saying that that was Epics best work to date... look how that turned out.

Lanoire3478d ago

but Resistance 2 which will take the crown king of all shooters.

eric1003478d ago

Resistance 2 is definitely the best shooter of 2008

tehReaper3478d ago

No no, troll. Both will be great, but Gears 2 is looking more promising.

Suck on it.

wazborn3478d ago

i dont know if its only me.. but all this news of gears2 and still a whole month to go its killin me.. JUST FREAKING BRING OUT THE GAME..A FEW WEEKS B4 NOV 7th wont hurt.lool

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