Punch-Out for Wii will definitely feature motion controls

At Nintendo's fall conference last week, the long-awaited Punch-Out!! title for Wii was revealed. There was some confusion over whether or not the game would support motion controls fully because Nintendo had not truly confirmed the information. However, any doubts that the newest Punch-Out title will not support full motion-controls can finally be put to rest with the newest details coming from Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America's Senior Director of Corporate Communications...

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Hagaf223390d ago

umm.....DUH! was anyone confused on whether or not this was the case?!?!?

chanmasta3390d ago

... The guy who wrote this is probably 'Captain Obvious' in disguise!

Product3390d ago

what i wanna know is will they feature two controllers with motion for each hand.thats where its at.

steveg25643390d ago

That would be awesome if they did, Product. Hopefully they offer up few control schemes, i.e. balance board, dual controllers w/ motion+... This is one of the games I'm really looking forward to. I think it's going to be a good one.

LevDog3390d ago

Bad Idea.. Not for Boxing but for the punch out name.. So you add lil mac and classic fighters... Only to have it just like Wii Sports Boxing.. Just another cookie cutter game from Wii.. But this time its dragging a classics games NAME through the mud

steveg25643390d ago

I don't even think they have Wii's. (Take that any way you'd like.)

Panthers3390d ago

THis game looks bad and it will probably play bad with gimmicky motion controls

Product3390d ago

Levdog and Panther obviously have no clue what this game is about lol.
Obviously since you guys dont know the gameplay of Punchout ill let you two square out the control issues since your comparing this to wii sports boxing haha.
Now go run and play CoD.

lsujester3390d ago

And you Product, obviously don't know what they're talking about. This game can EASILY come out with crappy control like Wii Sports boxing and several other Wii games. If it does, then no amount of nostalgia and love for the classic will be able to overcome its unplayability.

Product3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

have you seen the video?obviously not.
its not a simulation.Its an arcade style game.
This is nothing like wii sports boxing,quit comparing.I repeat Quit comparing.
He has low jabs high jabs and the uppercut(plus star)plus dodge......its not full range of motion.
Knowing Nintendo this will prolly have classic controller support.
Seems like you people only see screenshots and are oblivious to the trailer before you come to conclusions that dont make sense.
Keep worrying haters.
Remember this is Punchout not Fight Night or do you not know the franchise?

lsujester3389d ago

I've seen the trailer a couple of times. Yes, it's arcade, but that still doesn't change anything. Controls are controls, no matter what style game it is.

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Doppy3390d ago

Hopefully the game looks like the picture above, since the source doesn't provide any. I think that's a good look for it.

Product3390d ago

here is a link to the trailer(actual gameplay)

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