Can Halo work without Master Chief?

Following the Tokyo Game Show announcement about Halo 3: Recon and that its focus on a new star and a new part of the war, gameplayer asks the questions, can Halo work without Master Chief? Thoughts inside...

"Fast Forward to TGS, and Halo 3: Recon. Once again we have an established – nay, worshipped – franchise negating its central character in an attempt to expand the series towards broader horizons. Is this a decision Bungie, and by extension Microsoft, will come to regret?"

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SlappingOysters3543d ago

I am that excited. I am not a big Halo fanboy, but it just looks cool. I think this guy has some good ideas about the gameplay direction too. Would love to see it move away from standard FPS (that can be Halo 4)

cherrypie3543d ago

The Halo universe is rich and detailed. There is a massive and loyal fanbase.

Only the worthless (hey mods, why isnt that site banned?) would post such nonsense.

The answer is YES, Halo will work just fine without MC.

shadowlink253543d ago

which every way it goes the game will sell well as it includes halo in the title

TimFS143543d ago

I'm quite a big halo fan and i think its a good idea it looks good if you watch the trailer look it up i'm personally excited about this new game to the halo franchise