1.01 patch details revealed for Final Fantasy IX on PS4

A new patch is now available for download for the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy IX.

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FallenAngel198439d ago

The battle UI looks so much better. It fits a console aesthetic and not a mobile title, which was everyone’s one gripe with this port

38d ago
38d ago
PhoenixUp39d ago

I’m glad they fixed the main issues people had with this port instead of ignoring it

GBG_Jason38d ago

Oh good. Haven't played it since day 1 because of the battle menu.

MrVux00038d ago

Now if only they removed/changed some trophies... *cough* 1000 rope jumps *cough*

Gardenia38d ago

Easy with AutoHotkey + Remote play. Thanks to that I got my Platinum trophy

Killlacrusade38d ago

Thanks for that :p really hate sequence pressing ^.^

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