Has Microsoft Stolen Sony's TGS Crown?

"Microsoft finally invades Japan"

This gameplayer article explores the history of the Tokyo Game Show and the massive shift in focus this year from Sony to Microsoft and what it means for the two companies.

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xhi43541d ago

lol yeah what the hell happened to those 9 unannounced games from Sony? and the 2 from Konami and Irem or something?

dro3541d ago is sony going to finish the show without the exlusive games they talked about!!!!!..... if that happens that is gonna really suck... :/

ShinMaster3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Besides, all Microsoft showed was another Halo expansion which no one cares about.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3541d ago

How the heck did this article get approved and TGS aint even over yet? They should ask this question in three days. And in three days...the answer will be a big fat "HELL NAW".

Lanoire3541d ago

Didnt we hear how MS "cracked" Japan a few months ago?
Or how MS "is selling like hotcakes" in Japan?

What has changed since?


Listen, Sony has LBP, WhiteknighChronicles and HOME for Japan this holiday season.

Nothing on both competitors have stuff that even comes close.


All microsoft is doing is buying themselves more time. The 1 year head start backfired on wait... Everything they have ever done with the xbox has backfired on them, if it wasnt for the deep pockets xbox would be the 3do right now, DECEASED.

While the 360 attempts to buy out everything the playstation ha. sony is busy farming 1st partiy studios and creating games that even if stolen CANNOT RUN ON THE 360. That will be the end of the rrod.

Copying only goes so far. Innovation pushes technology. This reflects on the software lineups for 2009. Seriously, how many halos before people realize that.
Thats Microsofts weakness, they dont innovate. They imitate and then try to pass off as quality(elite,zune,windows,psn ripoff,wiimote ripoff, etc,). Microsofts strategy didnt work last gen. They got desperate and here they are now. Desperate and shook that all their precautions, even the 1 year head start did not work in their favor.

jaysquared3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

How is Darkknight able to post on the gamerzone and have over 5 bubbles? ... Ohhh yeahhh that's right this place is full of his/her kind!

Face it DORKknight.. Everybody copies! Sony copies, Nintendo copies, MS copies, Apple copies! Its how the world works buddy!

Lanoire3541d ago

3rd party games are all going multi platform. By 2009 and 2010, 97% of these games will be on more than one console.

Sony has 1st party studios like no other. MS does not.
Sony is able to keep pumping out elite games like LBP, R2, M2, KZ2 etc and they will ALL BE EXCLUSIVE.

MS will have nothing but multi platform title. On the PS3, all those same multi platform titles + all those 1st and 2nd party exclusives.

Take two guesses which console is the better one.

gamersday083541d ago

It's PS1 and PS2 era all over again. No surprise there. I have faith in SONY and PS3.

- M$ cannot hold on to the price drop much longer. They will go back to original price very soon.
- M$ still has not resolved the RROD and disc-scratching problems.
- M$ screwed buyers with half-baked consoles.
- More 360 sold = more RROD = more frustrated customers.

On the other hand, PS3 with more REAL exclusives will begin to capture the consumers' hearts. SONY only needs to keep doing what they're doing. SONY is only waiting for M$ to lose steam.

Everyone knows 360 is inferior to PS3. M$ will only gain little for a short time. SONY isn't worried about customers, there are billions of them out there. As long as they keep innovating, everyone will see who is putting in more effort.

M$ is only after the $$$, investors like that don't stay long. When they realize too tough for them, they'll give up. After that, it's SONY empire all over again.

gijose3541d ago

i like how all the sony fanboys keep going on about "games like R2, KZ2, LBP etc."

too bad they haven't even come out yet. how about you wait until they come out, see if they're ACTUALLY the killer apps they're hyped up to be, and then wait another 2 years for the next round of good sony games.

3541d ago
agmsd3541d ago

Wow... Tekken. it's still on the PS3. everyone knows that in this gen publisher must go multi-platform because of the development costs. Tekken still on the PS3. but I still hate that. anyway where is the 9 or 11 or what ever games?!.

Lanoire3541d ago

Check this out.


ROFL look at the difference!
One is like watching a 1980 cartoon and the other is like watching a 2010 cartoon!

My god. Feel the POWER!

Beast_Master3541d ago

Putting the fanboyism aside. Even as a Sony fan I have to say MS easily won TGS. I mean Sony said they had 11 new games to reveal, they knew people where screaming for more JRPGs and to see something new. I even kept hitting this site for any news of Sony revealing a new game, we did see that new Tecmo game, but I am disappointed they decided against not having a press confrence, especially one that could rival MS. I mean all they had to do was show maybe 2 - 3 trailers of games for next year and they would easily have "won" back their fans. Unless we see Sony unvail a new game or at least confirm something for next year I will have to give MS their credit for stealing the thunder from Sony at a major event.

sleepbox3541d ago

So, are they trying to say the PS3 does QTEs better than the 360? I don't understand.

razer3541d ago

haha sleepbox that is the exact thing I wanted to say. i think i threw up in my mouth with the feel the power talk.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3541d ago

Lots of scarred Sony fanboy's in this comment, some have even come out of hiding.

On topic, everything in this article is true and undeniable.

thewhoopimen3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

How is it that you're a ps3 fanboi if it takes only a 360 Halo stand alone expansion to make you piss ur pants?

*shakes head*

Beast_Master3541d ago

If you think I am a fan of Microshite you should check all of my previous posts. My point is Sony let MS go to their home turf and with just 2 annoucements are being crowned as 'TGS winners'. If you have been following this site you would know that Sony was supposed to annouce 9 new titles but they did not.

It is fine if Sony decided against annoucing those titles, but all Sony had to do in their keynote speech was show a trailer for the Tecmo game, maybe talk about White Knight and give a tentative release date for the US and Maybe annouce just one other title. That way no one could say MS won the day by annoucing 1 new game and taking Tekken 6 as multi-plat, because Sony annouced two new titles.

Look 360 out sold PS3 last month in every region, and I don't think Sony did anything to make people say wow I guess I don't need to buy a 360 because Sony has got me covered. My part in all of this is simple, I don't want to buy a 360, I think the 360 is a rip off, it should not even be contending after the RROD. I have been a loyal customer but I am running out of reasons to tell X-bots to fu** off.

thewhoopimen3540d ago

My question is how do you know this? There's at 3 days left. Sony could be saving it for last. Who knows?

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Omega43541d ago

Well Tekken 360 and Halo3:Recon have been the biggest annoucements of TGS so far and they both came from MS

And without a real press conference i doubt Sony has anything to counter them

Not to mention Mistwalker hasnt shown anything yet, means MS could have a few more aces up their sleeve

Shane Kim3541d ago

As the guy above me said. Halo 3 was big for YOU since you are a 360 troll. Don't try to pass that out as facts. If it was Halo 4 then that would be something else. Now as far as Tekken goes, we all knew it was going to happen. Was just a matter of time.

Firstkn1ghT3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Be careful man. A lot of the sony faithful are starting to show a lot of frustration and anger like the 2 comments above me. Don't rub it in to much ;)

Omega43541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Halo3: Recon wasnt big eh?, then name me another game announcement which tops it from TGS

I think its safe to say that the biggest shocker from Sony this TGS is that there were NO big shockers

LeonSKennedy4Life3541d ago

Of course we're angry, Firstkn1ghT!

We aren't getting an expansion pack AND one of gaming's dying genres is trying to revive itself by releasing a port on a lesser system.

*supreme jealousy reigning down upon us*

lowcarb3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

The Halo Recon news was definitely the biggest news of the show for 360 fans but honestly so far im a little dissapointed at the outcome. I mean we've all waited this year forsome huge news and gameplay and yet we got nothing. As it stands now the show is a tie until somebody shows gameplay of an amazing exclusive.

StephanieBBB3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

If a person doesn't like fps's and only cares about Japanese Rpgs then how can the Halo expansion be anything big for them? Japan had a problem with MGS4 just because they needed to use both the analog sticks at the same time. Does that remind you of something else? Halo was not big for anyone except for the Halo fans and that fanbase is mostly in US and Europe. TGS's biggest Wow announcement for the Japanese was not halo trust me.

It really shows that some of you can't put yourself in a other person's shoes when you say stuff like this.

Keele3541d ago

Tekken was probably one of the biggest announcements, however Halo 3:Recon I can't say.

I'm not expecting anything from Sony to be honest. They already have a pretty good lineup.

@MasterOfPwnage : Randomly accuse someone of being a troll one more time and I'll smack your face off.

Why o why3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I want to hear about 'Me only' not 'Me too' tut tut

its best to wait for the end before titles are given, just common sense.


oh snap, firstkinght!! i thought you committed suicide like youre 3rd 360? whoa!!!

glad to see youre still GGREEN with hate.

Cenobia3541d ago

I seriously don't see how people are already considering Microsoft the "winner" of TGS. They announced an expansion and a multiplatform game (that they likely stole...again). I've heard of 2 new IPs for Sony. Demon Souls and Quantum Theory are already announced (one semi-playable) and the show isn't even over yet.

I personally don't really care about Tekken, but I'm sure its a big deal in Japan (but again, its not like it went 360 exclusive). Halo, on the other hand, isn't really a big deal at all there. Plus its just an expansion. I'm sure a lot of people are happy about the Halo announcement, but if you asked someone who was actually there who was winning, I don't think they'd say Microsoft.

tatotiburon3541d ago

no one cares about halo?? hahaha more than 8 millions buyers says HI!!!....more buyers than any PS3 title LOL

Beast_Master3541d ago

I don't see how you guys aren't mad at Sony right now I mean come on! MS reveils they are releasing an expansion pack to Halo and that Tekken 6 is going multi-plat and Sony doesn't counter? I mean Sony has over 20+ first and second party studios! MicroShit--y has like 3! Come on where are the 11 new games SONY for F sake, SONY is taking the bullets out of my gun. I can't believe you guys are saying well it isn't that big a deal. Dude MS had basically Poo-Poo and Sony said well we will let them win with crap because we won't even play.

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SlappingOysters3541d ago

seems to be Sony's big focus... and that is lame.

I was really hoping for God of War 3 or Uncharted 2... doh!

Microsoft still has Alan Wake up its sleave too.

MiloGarret3541d ago

Word! Fück Home, I couldn't care less about that crap (yes CRAP fanboys, its CRAP, boring fücking CRAAAP). GOW3 is what I am waiting for now. Since Tekken 6 went multiplat its the only exclusive game I'm likely to get for my ps3 in the coming year besides Motorstorm 2, and possibly KZ2 if its any good beyond its gfx.

Launch ps3 owner, extremely dissapointed, best games for my ps3 right now are Super Stardust HD, Wipeout HD, and Motorstorm. And I didn't pay no 600 $, I paid approx 1000 $ for a dust collector. I want to love my ps3, but I see no reason why. And don't bring up mgs4, or uncharted, finished them both once, quite enough.

Beast_Master3541d ago

I hate to say it but I am kinda in the same boat! But next week times will finally begin to change with Dead Space, then LBP, know the list. I mean if it were not for COD4 my PS3 would be a dust collector as well, I really think that LBP and R2 will turn the tide finally.

It has taken a while but I think that Sony is finally getting to a point where it has enough games to keep me busy for the long haul.

masterofpwnage3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

not really
micro announce all of those, but sony got
yakuza 3
quantum theory
demon soul
and some other shiit
, but both of company, has not impress so far.

imean, were is all the 11 unannounce ps3 exclusive.

and tekken thing was not even a big deal. we all knew. it was just wen they will do announce it. and its going to the ps3.

this article is stupid.

no company even showed anything exiting yet.
well beside quantum theory and whiteknight and starocean.
this sux

MiloGarret3541d ago

Mmmmm, I'm thinking you're 12 years old, could be wrong, maybe 11... And no way in hell do you own a ps3, more likely a ps2 fanboy wishing he was actually a real ps3 fanboy

masterofpwnage3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

so wat in my comment that made me look like a 12 year old.

maybe some comments i sound childish, but seriously i think u are replying to the wrong comment.

and yes i do have ps3,
actually i own all.
thats why i said im exited for both.

and also said im disappointed so far from both

Johnny Cullen3541d ago

Tomorrow is the two public days, isn't it?

I'd be very dissapointed if Team ICO doesn't show up although the chances of them showing up day by day is getting slimer.

The only way I'd forgive Sony for this is if they announce that the Konami exclusive is a Kojima game and is, infact, Zone of the Enders 3.

Lets us pray for either one or both.


ceedubya93541d ago

A new Zone of the Enders game would probably be multiplatform.