PS4 Exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets Epic Story Trailer to Celebrate Jump Festa

Square Enix released a lovely story trailer for its upcoming fighting game for PS4 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, celebrating Jump Festa.

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FallenAngel1984340d ago

There really should be more villains in this. Like how dafuq have Gabranth & Gilgamesh not even been added when their veteran villains

340d ago
PhoenixUp340d ago

Rejoice people. After his first trip down the angst mines for Kingdom Hearts in 2002 where he was given dialogue written for Vincent and remaining as such in titles like Advent Children & the first two Dissidia titles, Cloud is gradually being readjusted to be closer to his original game personality in modern media.

After Super Smash Bros. 4 went back to his classic power-set and gives him quotes and poses emphasising his inferiority superiority complex, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT had the developers hyping up that Cloud would have "a positive personality" in the game, with trailers showing him smiling while fighting, despite him having been a perpetual angster ever since his original appearance. The way he busts Bartz’ chops in this trailer hopes this incarnation of Cloud stays for all his future appearances.