The Nintendo Switch: 700 Confirmed Games and Counting

Kyle from Switchtactics notes; "By my count, there are now over 700 titles either released on or bound for the Nintendo Switch."

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Gemmol336d ago

too much support, too much game, too little time, but with portability it allows you to make a little time wherever you are

mikeslemonade335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

so all I see is meh meh meh Octotraveler meh meh meh meh Metroid Prime 4 meh meh meh..

Weak Library. The switch may not even catch up to the xbox with this library.

Pookandpie335d ago

Seriously? It has something in basically every genre right now. Like platformers? Mario Odyssey is among the top, currently, but there's also Azure Striker Gunvolt 1+2, Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Blaster Master Zero, Shovel Knight, Shantae. Like action-adventure games? Zelda: Breath of the Wild is your go-to and is one of the best games made this year (which says something among the blockbusters that came out in 2017). Racing? MK8D, Fast RMX, with Redout on the way. Like RPGs? Skyrim, Xenoblade 2, I Am Setsuna, Nine Parchments Lost Sphear (on the way), Octopath Traveler (on the way). Like beat 'em ups? Fire Emblem Warriors, Bayonetta 1, 2, 3 (on the way). Shooters? Doom, Splatoon 2, Resident Evil Revelations, Metroid Prime 4 (on the way). Like strategy games? Disgaea 5, Mario + Rabbids, Worms, and more.

This isn't withstanding ones popular ports like Stardew Valley, plenty of rogue likes (Binding of Isaac, etc.), and lots more. There's basically a little bit of everything on the platform and it's just the first year. Hell, I found myself picking up plenty of games I already had on Steam/PS4 simply because having them portable is a massive boon.

Big_Game_Hunters334d ago

True its lacking third party supports, thankfully it has the most desired exclusives of any console this gen.

mikeslemonade334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Mario and Zelda are already out. And Bayonetta 3 is disappointing. It shouldn't be on this system. I have a Switch since launch, it doesn't belong on this platform.

Third party games shouldn't even exist on this platform as far as I'm concerned unless it's a quirky game or rpg exclusive.

BenjaMan64336d ago

Sony and Microsoft better up their game. Ninty's back with a vengeance!

FullmetalRoyale336d ago

As someone who owns both a PS4 and a Switch, I really am happy to see this competition. It will benefit all of us as consumers.

PygmelionHunter336d ago

Behold! Common sense!

Let its glorious light be cast upon your blind, unworthy eyes, N4G haters!

mcstorm335d ago

Your spot on. I'm a xbox one x and switch owner and have less time than ever to game so struggling to fit games in as it is now but great to see Nintendo getting some support for the switch for me I loved the with it just lacked 3rd party support its now getting that and will only make the industry stronger imo. If Microsoft up the 1st party games to and sony already has a Stella lineup the industry could be as big as it was with the 360 ps3 and wii

Altovoltage335d ago

You mean Xbox because Sony it’s doing just fine.

XiNatsuDragnel336d ago

So much games ;) Surpassing Xbox 1 in no time

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The story is too old to be commented.