Nothing is More Satisfying Than Taking Down the Beasts of Monster Hunter: World | Hardcore Gamer

It’s been a good few years since Monster Hunter has seen a mainline title released on console and even longer since the console version wasn’t just an enhanced port. Now Monster Hunter: World is almost soft rebooting the series in a way that no one expected and so far it’s looking to be the best innovation the series has ever seen. From its next-gen appearance to the inclusion of tutorials to help new and returning players, World is going out of its way to let everyone in on the hunting action.

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bangoskank367d ago

How is it satisfying to "take down" something that doesn't pose a threat? If the monsters were terrorizing people or other species then I could understand but they're just roaming around. It's like those douchebags in real life who kill elephants and giraffes for fun.

PurpHerbison367d ago

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, 2017.

spicelicka367d ago

....the monster do terrorize and kill other species, it's part of the game.

d3nworth1366d ago

Obviously you never played any of the games. You dont hunt for sport, you hunt for survival. The clothes they wear the food they eat, the materials for their homes. Where do you think they come from? These people live off the land that includes the monster. So comparing it to real life is idiotic.

rezzah366d ago

You should probably give up on this hobby, it looks like you are beginning to mix reality with fantasy.

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