KILLZONE 2's Heavy Trooper: Talkin' the Talk and Walkin' the Walk

The Heavy Soldier is a slow-moving and heavily armored fighting machine. It is one of the latest additions to an already impressive arsenal of Helghast forces and is usually deployed individually to support Helghast ground troops.

With its heavy weaponry and extra-large posture, the Heavy Soldier acts almost like a one-man army. Using an automated and non-detachable StA-6 chaingun/grenade launcher combo, the Heavy Soldier is able to rain down a hail of bullets on anyone that tries to come close. And with the protection offered by its reinforced full-body armor, the Heavy Soldier isn't afraid to engage the enemy head on either.

Apart from its awesome firepower and full body-armor, the Heavy Soldier has another feature guaranteed to leave a lasting impression: its massive posture. The Heavy Soldier is one of Killzone's tallest characters, making an already intimidating encounter even more daunting. Guerrilla Games decided to check up with their coders and design artists to find out about the challenges this extra-large character posed during its development.

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killcycle3570d ago

I hope the A.I actually uses his tactic well.
I used to try and fight those big trolls in res1 in a way that would look cinematic so it looked like a good fight but they were so damn easy even on the hardest mode the A.I was the same with them but just increased damage.

This is gonna just blow me away.

thor3570d ago

By the way they are making the "Heavy Trooper" seem like a fantastic innovation and a major part of the gameplay, I can see lack of variety of enemies throughout Killzone 2. They've got a different type of enemy to the standard soldier (with glowing red eyes so you can spot them a mile off) - well done. But if this is going to be a mini-boss battle I don't want to see it 50x over.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3570d ago

Are we being a prejudice gamer?

LikAChicken3570d ago

Okay man its October. The game come February. They only release snippets of information to entice hardcore gamers, not show you whats going to be repeated throughout the game. On the real stop pretending like you can see the future and just wait till it comes out. Sheesh!

REALZILLA3570d ago

It would be great to play this guy in multilayer.