Linger in Shadows explained by Sony

Console Monster writes: "Well firstly what is a demoscene? It is a movement of artists and programmers who make pretty 'demos' that explorer the limits of the graphics capability on the system, in this case the PS3. It has been used over the years on consoles to maximise the graphics and see how each system can perform."

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killcycle3447d ago

Its a pile of **** with suger on top.

Fishy Fingers3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I bought it, and I love it. Shows how opinions can vary. But at £1.99 there not much you can complain about.

Mind you I've been an avid fan of Demoscenes for years, even back to the Spectrum days. I guess if your not this could be outside of your usual comfort zone.

thor3447d ago

People who have understood what it is have quite enjoyed it. I've not seen a backed up negative opinion about it that's not expecting it to be a fully interactive game.

Jamie Foxx3447d ago

...need more innovation like this

cwir3447d ago

you don't know what you're talking about... but hey, de gustibus non est disputandum..:)

i think it's very cool and sony should encourage groups like plastic to do more stuff like that.. and 2 quid is nothing for this. i paid more for breakfast today..

CIO Caveman Trolls3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Vic 20 > Spectrum

hands down.

funktion_d3446d ago

a pile of ****? .. not at all. i thought it was interesting, esp at the CAD price of $2.99. (bottle of juice ? ... cool unique PS3 demo?)

Anyway.. i've alwasy been a fan of the demo scene since it's early days. I used to write some my own years and years ago just out of hobby/interest for graphic programming+art (not actually competiting though)

Good to see something unique like this, i hope it encourages other interesting releases.. Way to go big ups.

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Silogon3447d ago

I enjoyed the ride, and that's how it should be taken. A ride. You pay your money, you sit down and take it all in. When it's done you've got a lot to reflect on. It was a very smooth ride for me.

AssassinHD3447d ago

Everyone deserves a second chance.

bigman73873447d ago

Mr. Bubbles, what's wrong with you!?

AssassinHD3447d ago

Oh I got a disagree. So let's say that for the foreseeable future Silogon makes intelligent, factual, an unbiased posts on the majority of his contributions. Should he not be entitled to some of his bubbles back for making a positive change in his behavior?

ki03653446d ago


dont care what hes done before, that post is exactly how i feel about the game.

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NaAsAr3447d ago

i like the concept actually. it's like that old final reality benchmark from the 90's on pc but interactive. i spent a good couple of hours with it last night. not bad considering it's about a 7 minute cutscene.

Voozi3447d ago

My first playthrough with it I sat there scratching my head at the end "wtf did I just play/watch...I'm so totally jumping into this again once I get the chance"

Idk about you guys, but Linger in Shadows reminded of me Team ICO games for some reason, I say that cause Team ICO games have that unique art style to them, and as does this game.

Will def have another play through to try and get the rest of the trophies! lol

Voozi3447d ago

Speaking of Team ICO games, Shadow of the Collosus...see that creature in the top left in the article picture (not sure what to call it) but that thing reminded me of SotC a lot for some reason lol

Max Power3446d ago

its the eyes and how its face is made of rock. very similiar to SoTC Colossi.

user8586213447d ago

this was amazing!!! bring on more!!!! :D

Stubacca3446d ago

Bravo. Let's keep them nice and cheap.

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