TGS 2008: First Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Trailer

The first trailer for PlayStation Portable exclusive, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, as released this morning.

(European version, WMV format.)

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TheColbertinator3545d ago

4 player PSP games...hell yeah

badz1493545d ago

YEAH...just bring it ON!

kevco333544d ago

There's been loads of great games on PSP this year! God of War, Crisis Core, and... and...

Ok, sorry... Carry on, my mistake.

LeonSKennedy4Life3544d ago

I hate to do this to you guys...but...


Seriously, Dynasty Warriors is like sex with a hot matter how many people are in on's still painful.

TheColbertinator3544d ago

But now you can share the pain evenly XD

PS3Freak3544d ago

The video doesn't work, and on the side in a list are all the systems. Wii and Ps3 are not included so obviously that hasn't been updated since earlier than novembver 2006.

kevco333544d ago

If you'd have looked around the site you'd have noticed they're just about to launch a new one. And the video works fine for everyone else...