The Importance of Good Video Game Writers

Albert Bassili looks at the importance of good video game writers and takes Ian Bogost to task

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kevnb340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

its very rare that a video game has an actual good story, im glad many development studios are starting to get away from all the cut scenes and arrows pointing where to go. Most gamers will skip the cut scenes and just want to play unless its done at the level of red dead redemption, some rpgs and games like the last of us.

Goldby340d ago

I think one of the key points going forward is that alot of narrative driven games are building the stories into the actual gameplay. So instead of watching a cut scene of say Batman walking into his Batcave discussing things with Robin, we are the one controlling Batman as the narrative is happening in realtime.

I'm hoping to incorporate both cutscenes and realtime narrative into the script I am working on

kevnb340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

this is what valve has always done in their games, when they still made games. In most cases its so much better since it doesnt take you out of the game.

opinionated340d ago

Instead of watching a cutscene you watch the whole game. That’s fkng stupid imo. Way to take the best part of your medium and shelf it to have some “sophisticated” script in its place.

Goldby337d ago


you mind elaborating on where you got the idea that the cutscene will be the whole game? cuz right now you are talkign out of your A$$. and that is Fkin stupid IMo.

340d ago
opinionated340d ago

I agree. We need more specialized game writers. Right now the most praised writers are movie writers and they write movie scripts. The game is based around that movie script that leads to cinematic games. Gameplay has taken a HUGE hit in these games but people don’t care, they just want a good story. Masterpiece! Best game of all time! It’s sad to watch it play out. The fact is that it’s much harder to write games than it is movies and it’s why true game writers deserve more respect than they get.