GTA V brings an online jumpstart with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack available now

Neil writes: "Have you been looking for a way to get involved with the finer things on offer in GTA V, but don’t want to be spending the many hours required repeating the smaller jobs to get there? Then fear not as today’s newest content arrival for GTA V has everything you need to provide the perfect kickstart to get your criminal empire off the ground."

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Patricko337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

This dlc is the biggest money grab I saw from R* so far. Even EA is not that greedy, belive me...

RosweeSon337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

No thanks, why would I believe rubbish when fact of the matter is GTA has released various FREE dlc packs not to mention all those free multiplayer updates for red dead, EA done any free DLC? Nah. Not until they’ve tried charging £39.99 for a season pass for Star Wars then dropping it to free within a year. What a joke. EA is the biggest crash grabbing company in the business hence they have a new yearly iteration every single year...
Rockstar are on GTA5! In 20 years since the first one launched sure there’s been some spin offs for handhelds etc but main entries not that many over the 20 year period meanwhile EA have released 20 versions of Fifa NFL less of NBA as they got nailed by 2K, EA suck balls.

Oschino1907336d ago

To be fair they released multiple free maps to BF4 after the season pass was all released. GTA5 has had lots of free dlc but much of it the past year or two required you to grind for insane amounts of time or spend real money to enjoy most of it while making almost everything released previously obsolete.

RosweeSon336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Oschino yeah I got BF4 maps for free not when they launched tho or anytime soon after it was about a year later then they charged for them again then they sell the ultimate edition with it all included for no more than a £10er when they were charging £40 For game and £10 per pack of which there were what 4-5, Rip off leave it in the game don’t charge all your loyal fans for it and then give it away once you’ve ripped all them off
Burnout paradise had loads of free content... until EA got involved the Island they made as dlc for burnout was gonna be free, EA nah £€$¥
BF4 maps were free for barely a couple of days as well limited time not launched and kept free for ever. Sure charge for stuff when your a year or 2 down the line and still adding stuff of value to the game but nah EA just ripping people off yearly

337d ago
WilliamSheridan337d ago

How about at least giving Xbox X an enhanced texture pack, or increased LOD and draw distances

Cmv38337d ago

Is this going to be the new trend? Xb1x folks crying because an old game didn't get a new update? I hated when pro users cried about bb.

WilliamSheridan337d ago

It's a beautiful game that I would like to play to its potential. If you are going to make millions on micro transactions, than at least reward the players who stuck around. Considering how easy it would be to take advantage of the Xs power, it's almost an embarrassment to not do it.

Sorry if you don't feel that way, but I grew up in a time when developers were all about keeping gamers happy, not keeping them spending...

SynKakarrot337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

who's crying? I'm also hoping for the update I guess I'm crying too and yes is old game that I still play today


Making money for all the content is a complete headache. Unless your maybe glitching for money or paying. The more i look at gta online the more im worried about Red dead 2. "Overdeliver" my ass

Oschino1907336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Same here, many of my friends barely play anymore or stopped playing altogether over the last year or so and they were very active players and groups, even the ones who got away with cheating their way to more money than they can spend.

Some are still optimistic about RDR2 but I am not and most are being very cautious and not preordering or not even considering until well after release to see how they handle things.

cfc83337d ago

All this is going to push back RDR2. Isn't it ?

NarooN337d ago

It's literally just a starter pack that contains a bunch of mediocre items in the game. Plus it's mostly different people working on RDR2 so I don't think it'll be pushed back again because of this lol

cfc83337d ago

If gta continues to make alot of money because of of these packs and cards, Rockstar might not want to release RDR2 too soon, as it might take customers away from gtaV. It doesn't matter which team developes the game.

NarooN336d ago

They're gonna have microtransactions in RDR2 as well so there's no need for them to worry about losing their customers lol

cfc83335d ago

It could in part fragment their customer base. In future you'll find that games that make publishers alot of cash from microtransactions and lootboxes etc will be in less of a hurry to release new titles, if their current titles are still making alot of money. Very few will have this luxury, apart from rockstar etc...

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