Killing Floor: Incursion Review – An Infestation Of Poor Controls

TechRaptor concludes, "While Killing Floor Incursion can be fun, its clunky controls get in the way of actually enjoying the game."

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OoglyBoogly363d ago

I think just like with most of these VR games the issue eventually just becomes the lack of content.

I have VR, owned a Rift since March and seriously don't think more than a day has gone by that I haven't used it for at least an hour. I love it! Full on supporter of VR and I certainly feel that it's the future. It's here to stay, it's only getting cheaper, better, and easier to run and create for. This isn't the 80's or 90's folks, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!!!

However, all that being said, it's the lack of quality lengthy content at the current time that hurts VR. This game is a nice example. The single player was, I thought, pretty good all things considered. It worked well enough and, while the final boss was a bitch, I walked away happy. It's the multiplayer/horde mode though where the $40 price tag starts to get a little hard to justify. The maps are open but small and there's no changes to be made to the maps such as progression or goals. You just kill wave upon wave while the enemies get harder and you get better weapons (to a point of course).

That's it though. No other game play types, there's like 4 maps total I think...considering they have all the normal Killing Floor 2 stuff the lack of content doesn't just make for a lack of content for the price but just doesn't make any sense. They could have just ported over maps and game play modes from that?

So yeah, controls are a little wonky and it's not perfect but you get use to it and it doesn't become a problem. It's the lack of stuff after you get use to it where the issue with a lot of these games come up.

The problem though is that this lack of content (especially for the price in a lot of cases) appears to be a syndrome of VR itself. When I play more full-on games that might happen to support VR like Alien Isolation, Project Cars 2, observer, etc, more high quality games, the VR experience becomes so much richer.

Alien Isolation or Dying Light are great examples of games that, while not designed for VR, work very well and give me and other VR users the "taste" of AAA VR games. The use and experience of it becomes even more amazing!

I don't know why I typed all this out. Just to speak my mind I topic a lot of it...but just being a fanboy of VR I can't help but look at games like this that, for the price and who made them, is quite lacking and makes VR almost look worse than better.

If VR had games to the same caliber like Alien Isolation and Dying Light to help back it I think people would have a lot more respect for it and take it more seriously to develop for.