VideoGamer: PDC World Championship Darts 08 Review

PDC World Championship Darts 2008 isn't going to interest anyone who doesn't already have a fondness for the sport and, given how easy and cheap it is to play in real life, even those fans may struggle to find reason to pick up their 360 controller or PSP. The gameplay works, but the simple presentation and general lack of polish unfortunately relegate the game to something only a very small minority will enjoy.

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Silogon3392d ago

My calculations were 4 weeks, but I guess It's worse for Sony than I thought. Hell, next week they'll probably tie with them, so that's basically another loss for Sony. Man, they just gave them thhis region on a silver platter and said, take it... we're too lazy to do anything or anounce anything to keep some momentum up.

that's the sad thing too, I haven't seen the ps3 have any momentum like the xbox 360 is enjoying. When has the ps3 sold 30 and 40 thousand units week in and week out in Japan? Sad days for Sony.

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