Predator is back and taking the jungle by storm in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Carlos writes: "Whilst today marks the arrival of the highly anticipated Jungle Storm update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, it isn’t the only new addition that players should be keeping an eye out for."

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Kiknyonutz246d ago

For two or three weeks...

theXtReMe1246d ago

Exactly. Makes no sense. Why go to the trouble to even introduce this mode, if they are just going to rip it from players a few weeks later? Why not leave it in the game for anyone to enjoy it whenever they want?

Id probably play the mode continuously, especially if they get the AI right.

Sashamaz246d ago

Probably limited rights to use predator means they can only do this as a short timed event.

246d ago
mafiahajeri246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

"I see you" 😂

This is crazy, I'm a huge fan of the original predator. One of those guys looked like blane and another looked like Billy the red Indian guy.

This makes me want a full on MP Predator game where on player is the Predator and the rest are soldiers.

Like the blood on the leaves, can be a tracking mechanism to counter the predators camo.

Kurt Russell246d ago

I guess AVP was what you suggested... but with Aliens too. They were good "back in the day".

Majin-vegeta246d ago

Yea you can get gear that makes your character look like from the movie

SenorFartCushion246d ago

Is this limited or forever?

I.e. can I keep him, please, can I keep him?

Gamist2dot0246d ago

So they only pick up the four of you and put you in the meat glyndah.

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