Gears of War 2 goes Gold

Microsoft and Epic Games, Inc. announced today that "Gears of War 2," the blockbuster action sequel to the five million unit selling original, has gone gold.

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TheColbertinator3420d ago

Gold! Its time to unload the beast

dro3420d ago

they are not only going to unload the beast they will unload one of the best competition this november/in the history of gaming history!!!!


BabyStomper50003420d ago

Gears 2 will sell more, and Resistance 2 will get higher reviews.. at least from GameInformer. Their reviews are the only ones I trust anymore.

ChrisGTR13420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

gears 2 versus resistance 2? come on , thats just disgracefull to compare gears to that mediocrity. just go look at any review site. honestly, even if resistance 2 was a 360 exclusive i wouldnt buy it. that game just lacks personnality, its just a generic shooter with nothing that stands out. its comparable to turok and timeshift.

gameinformer?!!? WTF is wrong with you?!? game informer is garbage, the magazine is owned by gamestop and they ALWAYS give high scores to games cause it makes them sell more at gamestop.

Firstkn1ghT3420d ago

I also respect Game Informer. But they seemed more exciting about Gears 2 than Resistance 2. Gears 2 was rated #2 best game of E3 and Resistance 2 was like #21. So I expect Game Informer to give Gears 2 a 10 and Resistance 2 about an 8.

ChrisGTR13420d ago

EXACTLY!!! thats what i just said. theres just nothing about resistance 2 that stands out, there alot about that game that just screams "meh". thats why its #21. if that game wasnt exclusive it would be reguarded on the level of a timeshift, turok, or even haze.

die_fiend3420d ago

Damn straight. Gears was incredible instantly, it really was the first next-gen game in my opinion (Having those graphics helped I'm sure). When I played Resistance on the same TV I was bored within minutes. I don't understand y but people can't understand my comparison to Serious Sam. In resistance it is just loads of enemies in ur face mostly runnin at u and u just pluggin away. Gears cover mechanic was done so sweetly I can't wait 2 see how it's better. Gears is also a proven franchise from the outset (hence the immense reviews) whereas Resistance got ok reviews cos it's an ok game. To think that Resistance will score higher is wishful thinking (It's possible but doubtful) cos it must be so much better than the first to be as good as Gears 1 let alone the 2nd...

Shane Kim3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

And really, how much stands out on Gears 2? We've seen all of that in Gears 1 and even before that in games like Kill.Switch and so on. Cliffy just hoped that people had forgot about that game so he could rip off some gameplay elements and call it original. Please dude not even the graphics have improved since the last gears. R2 is 10 times better than this 5-6 hour game.

die_fiend3420d ago

Young Kim, Kill.switch is nowhere near as good at Gears! He hardly ripped it off, he just used a cover system that was so superior it's not even comparable. Most games have cover systems now cos they're clearly good. Gears 2 has much better graphics u fool. Gears 1 spat on Resistance from a height, hence the reviews (and having played them both) so if you think the 2nd won't smash Resistance 2 ur delluded. The first one was so dull. How much stands out? Pretty much everything with all the on-screen action and those sweet graphics...I can guarantee that Gears will be much better.

Firstkn1ghT3420d ago

Kill Switch??? LMAO! You have to go almost 20 years back to find a game that has similar gameplay mechanics???? WOW!!! I can name you about a 100 games that are similar to Resistance 2. HAHA Good stuff!!! :)

BabyStomper50003420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I've played both. Liked Resistance better. Longer story, better online I M O. It's my opinion so get off my nuts.

3420d ago
die_fiend3420d ago

Stomper where was ur opinion here? "Gears 2 will sell more, and Resistance 2 will get higher reviews.. at least from GameInformer. Their reviews are the only ones I trust anymore. " That's you stating facts which won't come to opinion is something like "I prefer Resistance" and no1 was arguing with that (cos u hadn't said it). Gears will sell more and get better reviews is what you probably meant 2 say (If you had any sense). Oh and Leon, how was unchartered more personal than Gears? I've completed both n can't see how Unchartered was personal at all...

LeonSKennedy4Life3420d ago

So, the fluid character animations, the in-game cutscenes, the non-repetitive voice acting, the variety in objects you can hide behind, and ways you can hide behind them weren't personal enough for you?

Well...then, you got me. You win this tricky fellow you! How ever will I get up and go to work today?

die_fiend3420d ago

ur pretty mad mate, ur coming up with some weird responses to other peoples things. No1 said Metal Gear wasn't great, it probably is amazin, but haven't played which of those 'personal' things was Gears missing? Those aren't personal things are they? Like the way u can take cover and the variety in objects which u can use as cover make the game personal? The cutscenes were decent and the voice acting was 2. But again, Gears was better on both wasn't it? Yes it was (having completed both) Unless of course Bender's voice isn't good enough for u or is somehow inferior to the cheesy voice of Nathan...Have u played Gears much?
PS get up and go 2 work, I have, but there's always time 2 tell u the truth

kratos-i-am3420d ago

GeOW is the quintessential mindnumbing **** that I thought gamers and the mainstream public had left behind! It's the equivelant of a B movie action film with lots of big guns and explosions. Absolutely no story! lol you visit the main protagonists house and he doesn't mention any sort of affinity towards it! WTF! LOL and the locusts (Locusts are insects by the way)who make up the main part of the climax of this tripe are found to have tunnels everywhere! I felt like kicking my Xbox isn't IT OBVIOUS THEY SPAWN EVERYWHERE THEY MUST HAVE TUNNELS EVERYWHERE! It's just because it looks pretty that it scored so high! Also btw don't try to slap me with "all action games lack stories" *eh hem* GOD OF WAR, RE5, MGS, UNCHARTED....

Bnet3433420d ago

I knew I'd see dumbass comments in this story. It goes to show people hate the best there is. Gears 2 will curbstomp everything into oblivion.

Perjoss3420d ago

"Gears 2 will curbstomp everything into oblivion"

I like what you did there, i like it!

as for Resistance 2, please dont mention that in here, thats like coming into my house and farting loudly. Killzone 2 sure thats worthy competition for Gears, but R2? you should give up your day job and become a comedian, really.

cherrypie3420d ago


There is no "competition".

You're not even in the same league son.

CaptainHowdy3420d ago

maybe u dont trust gameinformer, but these other places rated resistance and gears the same:

Plus, Resistance was a LAUNCH GAME! GeOW came out the next year. get off ur high horse and off M$'s nuts!

zethos563420d ago

open zone is that way

ChrisGTR13420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )


Gears Of War=94


'nuff said.

GiantEnemyCrab3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Come on 360 folks don't let the PS3 fishheads pull you into another "defend your game against my critisism" fight. Gears 2 is in a different league, one that has proved itself to be a successful AAA with over 30 GOTY awards, great scores, great sales and a huge following.

The game needs no defending and certainly doesn't belong in the same sentence as Resistance which is an FPS not a TPS.

@1.17: "as for Resistance 2, please dont mention that in here, thats like coming into my house and farting loudly."

OMG you have made the comment of the day! I spilt my drink that was so damn funny. hahaha classic and +bub for all my 360 brothers.

Master Debater3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

XPLAY - Rating system is outta 5 which isn't accurate enough.
GAMETRAILERS - Resistance got 9.0 and Gears got a 9.1 from these guys.
IGN - Resistance got a 9.1 and Gears got 9.4 from them.
GAMEDAILY - 9.0 for both.
YAHOO GAMES - Yahoo has a games section?
GAMING AGE - You're making up websites now aren't you.
PELIT(finland) - I trust these guys but can't understand Finnish
KOMBO - I think I bought a gamerpic pack from these guys.
ACE GAMER - They are?
GAMESHARK - I thought they only make hardware to cheat.

Most of them did give Gears of War a higher score than Resistance, even though I never heard of any of these sites except for the first 4.

Personally I like Gears of War's intensity rather than Resistance's. The cover mechanic makes the game what it is. Nothing beats having a shower of bullets smashing the wall you're up against and when they're reloading you pop out and snipe them. Makes my blood pressure rise. Resistance however is a very good game just not as good as Gears.

johover1123419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Resistance 2 is more focused on the single player side of things, but Gears of war 2's online play was an instant classic. Cliff said that over 400 tweaks was resolved in the making of GOW2. Both of these games are going to be great, it really depends on your choice to play alone or online.

BREAKING NEWS: Gears of war 2 has already been leaked!....lucky guy took pics of it.

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Capt CHAOS3420d ago

That avalanche level and the changes in assassination are revolutionary. Look forward to it but i'm going to wait until Jan to pick this up second hand. Fallout 3 is higher on my shopping list and I'll borrow my Son's fable 2.. ;-)

BabyStomper50003420d ago

MmMmmmM Fallout 3.... *drools on self*

dro3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

im getting both... :D

i got a ps3 but im getting a 360 soon, gears2 is the first game i will by for my 360......

Marcus Fenix3420d ago

if u r getting a second hand gears, u'll miss the bonus map pack that's only downloadable using a token code that the original owner would've probabely used, I hope this info will help u mate :)

bumnut3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

off topic - crackdown is a good game too, and is very cheap now.

it got mixed reviews but i thought it was great fun.

well worth a try if you are new to 360

Capt CHAOS3420d ago

Damn, yes, I totally forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me Marcus, but then with a name like that, you would know. ;-)

Yes, crackdowm is indeed a cracking game.. ;->

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ape0073420d ago

ready for some bloody chainsaw action

can't wait

Lord Vader3419d ago

yEAH BABy...

And some Dirty Dirty Horde action !

Fox013420d ago

-Waiting on the Trolls-

TheColbertinator3420d ago

*doesn't wait for trolls because they are a waste of time anyway*

sunnygrg3420d ago

*Waits on them anyway**

Grabs a popcorn, extra butter, layered.

caffman3420d ago

its got to sell more! ITS JUST GOT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane Kim3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Caffman, sales is all you bots care about. Because you know your games lacks in every other department so sales is the only thing you can justify your purchase on. I can really see how you and your fellow bots are arguing this game. "Well the scores was mostly 8's, but since it sold 5 million copies it has to be good, right?"
Resistance 2 will eat this pile of crap game for breakfast.

pixelsword3419d ago

I'm not getting any money.

As long as eight people play my co-op, and as long as fifty-nine more people buy it besides me, It doesn't make a difference.

marionz3419d ago

has anyone seen the vids on ign that show flying on the reavers! that sold me that this is way more impressive then the first gears, GOW2 is going to absolutely ROCK!

plus rideing on burmacks or even the multiplayer level that has random snow avolanches! bring it on!

graphics look top knotch, sony fans only cry about the unreal engine because the ps3 cant handle it, bioshock proves that much!

pixelsword3419d ago

...I disagree about the Unreal Engine and PS3. Epic Games put out Unreal III on the PS3, and that thing looks stunning and runs well. The only thing I would say is that if a game is built on the PS3 first it will run just as great as any other great game, instead of being ported from the 360 or PC.

The problem happened when every game (which was using the UTIII engine) was porting their games, and expected magic, and got a big kick in the nuts.

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P4KY B3420d ago

...people will remember what they were doing on this glorious day.

LeonSKennedy4Life3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

For some reason, I'm doubting that.

Gears of War selling points:

- Nothing else out on the system at the time.
- Cool new "camera thingy" that had no real use.
- Good graphics.
- Chainsaws.
- Exclusive.
- Beefy men constantly touching eachother so they'll be "revived".

Gears of War 2 selling points:

- Resistance 2 is out and you "just have to beat it".
- You aren't getting LBP any time soon.
- "Movie Gear Solid 4" is one of the best games ever created, but you will deny it until you're dead and buried, alongside your HD-DVD player.
- It's the sequel to the "2nd best game of the year".
- It's still pretty.
- Men still touching eachother...except you can touch aliens in this one too...(bestiality much?)


EDIT: Subtle, but effective. I'll take that reaction into account next time I thoroughly school someone. Also, no cop-outs next time we do battle. It comes off as lazy.

3420d ago