The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II PS4 Remaster Detailed: 4K/60 FPS on PS4 Pro

Nihon Falcom provided more information about The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II: Kai – The Erebonian Civil War for PS4.

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Relientk77213d ago

I'm so happy that there's cross save. Can't wait to play on PS4

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212d ago Replies(1)
inxine212d ago

shame we still have to wait some months

Harkins1721212d ago

Play other games in the meantime

ClanPsi1212d ago

Did you already finish the first one? How was it?
I'm playing Trails in the Sky right now. The first two were absolutely amazing, but the third one is f*cking awful.

patterson212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Nice! Falcom’s been on a roll lately. Right now playing Ys VIII and really enjoying it. Will be looking forward to this one too.

Teflon02212d ago

I haven't finished trails in the sky so I guess I'll finish that and Hope these get announced for NA. I have 1 and 2 on Vita and played a few hours into the first but haven't cleared the backlog enough to get to it sadly. Guess it's not such a bad thing if I can get all 3 on one console

kalkano212d ago

There's also a 4th one in the works that will release in Japan this year.

Teflon02212d ago

Ohh wow really!? I'm going to have to hope that doesn't take too long to localize then

kalkano210d ago

I'd expect 3 in 2018, and 4 in 2019.

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