PUBG On Xbox One Is Already Proving To Be Popular

Hundreds of thousands of people are already playing the Battle Royale game on Xbox One, apparently.


Admin note: this is not a place to ridicule other gamers but to discuss the popularity of an Early Access game. Keep it in topic please.

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Thatguy-310128d ago

curious for December npd to see how this game did.

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VideoGameLab128d ago

Mostly Digital, already over 500k right now and going strong

The 10th Rider127d ago

NPD doesn't track digital either, so we likely won't really her anything about it from NPD.

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Automatic79128d ago

I am having lots of fun with it. The adrenaline you feel when you shoot or club someone with a pipe is like no other game.

Bigpappy128d ago

Nope. You are not allowed to say that. I CAN NOT be true.

Actually, the DF foundry analysis did show most of the X1X game-play hovering around 30fps. The most horrendous dips were when parachuting for plains with the deep draw distance and more detailed 4K image. The game does need some more optimization, but is very playable.

kevnb128d ago

but you shouldnt need to get a one x just to enjoy the game on console, it should be a solid frame rate even on the base hardware.

Krysis128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

@kevnb I have lots of friends playing it on the base Xbox, 16 out of 111 last night, I talk to 9 of them and they all like it alot. Go figure people that have played like it and people that just comment and read opinion pieces but have not played it complain about how bad it is

kevnb128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

many people dont really care about frame rate issues that much, we had them in almost every console game last gen. Personally I couldnt even stand console gaming most of last gen, but now with these mid gen upgrades things are looking better. I also remember being unable to play goldeneye at all while all my friends loved it, I cant even play a game that runs that slowly because I get dizzy and lose track of what im doing.

Kiknyonutz127d ago

The fact that you get download at all for this shows how irrational this community is. One day the internet rallies behind DF supporting their technical findings with PUBG on Xbox and now you get down voted for simply agreeing and adding that it's playable?

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NoPeace_Walker128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I have now decided to get the preview after I initially told myself to wait for additional updates first. It looks fun as heck. With almost 500,000 users playing this already, the early framerate issues don't seem that big of an issue for many xbox gamers. Another game gets added to my X 👍🏼

DJStotty128d ago

The frames dip when parachuting in that is all. I too play on the X and it is a hell of a lot of fun

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Mexxan127d ago

You're post has just secured my purchase for my 1X. Cheers son.

Automatic79126d ago

Congratulations @Mexxan, enjoy your purchase. This game is fun.

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XiNatsuDragnel128d ago

It's going to be fun when it's stable

Krysis128d ago Show
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