PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets Lots of Info About Combat, New Images of Weapons

God of War developers at SCE Santa Monica showcase some of the weapons coming with the game and give info about combat mechanics.

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Cyborgg366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Bring it on I'm ready 2018

I_am_Batman365d ago

GoW is probably my most anticipated game of this generation so far. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm curious to see how they implement the norse mythology into the story too.

madforaday365d ago

The best part is, I got this has a Christmas gift... 2 years ago

Babadook7365d ago

Was this even available as a preorder 2 years ago?

365d ago
Ceaser9857361365d ago

When the world will wish Happy New Year 2018 , i will be screaming I am gonna get Bankrupt in 2018 becoz of Juicy PS4 games and some third party games... Which i cannot ignore and would get it on DAY freaking ONE..

C-H-E-F365d ago

2018 is probably going to be the best year for First Party games (in general) in a very, very long time. With the PS4 and the PSVR dropping plenty of experiences, I can't see myself spending less than 2k on playstation games alone over the next year.

KickSpinFilter365d ago

This year alone has thrown me into such a deep backlog of games. I fear 2018 will be even worse. Spiderman, GOW, DaysGone and all the other games I'm interested in I'm just going to drown under. My biggest fear is Dreams if I end up loving that and end up creating animations, movies and games in that shit...I'm done for.
PS4 man..."Here come da Flood!

dreue365d ago

Thank you sony for bringing the games =)

365d ago
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chris235365d ago

i hope it plays a little bit fresher than the second one. i quit playing the second one midway through because it was the exact same everything as the first one just a bunch of new opponents added. also, quicktime-action is one of the laziest design decisions ever made. but all in all it baffled me how gamers like to play and pay for the exact same thing again. just because it's an exclusive for their console. total dumb mindsets these are in my opinion. and then there was the third one which i didn't even bother with. i guess i'll watch some youtube videos of this one and decide then if it will be worth the time and money. i know, "blood, gore and deeewd so broootal, i swear to god", but some of us like to get entertained, not just bathed in uninspired pixelblood.

dreue365d ago

i respect you,and your opinion,but 3 god of war was one of the best games for me....the QuickTime actions was great because it show the gore of god of war....this game story is very good,that was one of the thing that kept me playing all 3 god of wars games,this one just looks very good visuals,game-play i think i will like it...but you are free of course so if you dont like it i understand...but exclusives from sony mostly are very good ,i normally like all of them....i like to play a lot of different games....but hey if you dont like you still have a lot to chose for your taste i think...but hey keep an eye probably the 4 god of war you will like it....

mafiahajeri365d ago

GOW 3 is one of my favourite games of all time. People take the boss battles for granted, but they are some of the best I've played ever.

Something a lot of huge games get wrong.

UCForce365d ago

What are you talking about ? God of War Trilogy are the best series. But my favorite one is God of War 2.

AspiringProGenji365d ago

What is your problem? Can’t we like God of War? We love the series because it is amazing not because it is exclusive. Your mindset is the only total dumb one

ClayRules2012365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the second game, bud.

I personally don't find QTE's lazy, ( if they're handled right, by the developers )

Also, I respectfully disagree with you when you said "but all in all it baffled me how gamers like to play and pay for the exact same thing again. just because it's an exclusive for their console" That's your opinion, that's fine. But some opinions, which we all have a right to share, are just silly. I just, I don't see or believe many are thinking to themselves for example "Well, The Last of Us 2 is coming out in 2019 ( a sequel ) it's the same game experience as the first one, on the PS3, but i'll buy it because it's exclusive to my PS4" People who buy sequels to exclusives such as the triple AAA games coming out've Sony's studios on their respective gaming platform of choice, I do believe, buy the sequel & so on because they simply love & enjoyed the experience that was on hand to them while playing. If your hoping that any sequel to "said" game is going to be a huge difference in gameplay etc, i'm afraid that outlook will only bring you disappointment.

I genuinely hope you do enjoy the new GoW on PS4 tho, bud. Sony Santa Monica are working extremely hard to deliver a more meaningful story & game experience with this new idea they have for the series. They're certainly taking a risk, but as has been proven with Sony's First party studios with games such as The Last of Us ( Naughty Dog ) and Horizon: Zero Dawn ( Guerrilla Games ) risks can pay off in amazing ways.

Once again, no hate intended to you :)

Mroc13365d ago

We kept coming back because to gameplay was awesome. Fast paced and fun with different strategies for different opponents. It was so good that I'm afraid of the big changes they are making now. Anyone know how dodging will be handled since I assume the right stick will be for the camera now?

ClayRules2012365d ago

I have no idea, bud. Have you liked the gameplay that has been shown?

Mroc13364d ago

@ ClayRules2012 It seems OK. I really will have to wait till I get to play it. Seems slower. Also the Blades of Chaos were sweet. I don't think it will be as fun as the past but time will tell. I'm sure the presentation and story will be much improved. It would be cool to get a few vr sections as well. I can't wait!!

Jinger365d ago

I absolutely love the GoW series. The story is much deeper than what most people think that haven't played them all. QTE's where an absolute blast because they were always super over the top and awesome.

Jinger365d ago


WTF are you even babbling about? Where did I say I was glad QTE's are gone? If anything I have been saying I'm more worried about the changes they are making to combat.

Also I have owned every PlayStation console since PS1 and have played every GoW game there is. Shut up with your fanboy shit and knock off those lame ass emojis.

DialgaMarine365d ago

It’s one thing to have a personal opinion, but it’s pathetic to pretend everyone else is an idiot for having a different one. I don’t like God of War because it’s exclusive; I like it because it’s a great series and the story is awesome. Have another disagree, you’re clearly looking for them.

BlaqMagiq1365d ago

If you just said "IMO" your comment would've been okay but now you look like an idiot because you don't like something that other people like.

OB1Biker365d ago

Your personal experience with the GOW series is a cool story and so is the way you were baffled because other people like what you dont but its obvious to everyone this game has a very different approach. Saying you hope it feels 'a little bit fresher than the second one' is actually baffling.

REDGUM365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

@ chris 235

Isn't the whole point.of having sequels in games to be able to play more of the same style & type of gameplay? But going on your logic we should never have sequals and therefore there'd only be one game ever released of say ASSASSINS CREED, COD, BATTLEFIELD, RESIDENT EVIL, NEED FOR SPEED, GTA, HALO, MARIO, etc etc!!!
WT Fluff are you on about here??
What did you expect the 2nd installment of GOW to be like anyway? A car racing game??

Seriously champ!!

dragon_rocks365d ago

It seems the GOW game genre is not something you like. Its not the game's problem but your own.

Isn't that opinion of "the same" true for every other popular game out there? All the CoD games, Racing games, Shooting games, Sports games, RPG games, Mario games, Zelda games etc. are all the same in their sequels with new levels, weapons, enemies and some added mechanics. Tell me some games and sequels that you like and lets see if your opinion of "the same" work on them.

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mafiahajeri365d ago

Day -4 or maybe even -5 😁

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