PS4 and Xbox One box arts revealed for Devil May Cry HD Collection

The box arts have been revealed for Devil May Cry HD Collection.

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darthv72217d ago

Well damn... I was hoping for all 4 games.

_-EDMIX-_216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

@jon-you heard the man he was hoping for 4 games!!!

HeisenbergX216d ago

@JonTheGod *four .. there is no number five

217d ago
jeremyj2913216d ago

Better. I love 3 but I like collections to represent all of what's included.

TheOttomatic91217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Makes sense DMC3 is the most popular, definite purchase from me.

AnubisG217d ago

Looks a lot better than the HD collection on the PS3

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FullmetalRoyale217d ago

Shove it inside my Switch, please!

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