TGS 08 RPGfan : Star Ocean:The Last Hope Hands On

James Quentin Clark writes "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is without a doubt my favorite PS2 RPG. Thus I was more than a little excited to get the chance to actually play Star Ocean: The Last Hope during the first press day of the Tokyo Game Show.

Tri-Ace did not miss the mark.

Graphically, the came is top notch. It looks considerably better than Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, and even The Last Remnant in my humble opinion. The camerawork is fluid and cinematic, particularly when rotating your perspective, and I had no trouble finding my characters as they scattered around the battlefield. I also really liked the textures and use of light on character models. You'll notice it at the end of battles when the camera zooms in on whoever dealt the final blow."

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Immortal Kaim3573d ago

Can't wait for this, though we don't have any indication of a release date yet for EU/Aus :(

TheColbertinator3573d ago

Dont worry,I dont think it will be too long.You should look out for Tales of Vesperia in 09 though.I did try it in US and I thought it was good.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3573d ago

Its a shame this game has good graphics but a 10 hour story LMAO