I finally figured out why Final Fantasy VII's music is so good

Destructoid: "Final Fantasy VII is twenty years old, and I still love it dearly. I remember poring over the game's early hours in my parent's basement, entranced by Midgar's neon lights and cyberpunk stylings. One of the most embarrassing moments in my young life involved my dad walking in on me, red-eyed and crying, after Aeris' now-infamous death and laughing before he walked back upstairs. In third grade, I lifted parts of FFVII's train graveyard sequence and used it for a school assignment. I'm not proud of that last point -- plagiarism is lame and all -- but you bet your butt my teacher was blown away.

Despite all of those memories, it's Final Fantasy VII's music that sticks with me the most. The game's soundtrack is a sonic triumph; a collection as varied as it is dynamic. What other game can go from orchestral chanting to mellow, beachy bossa nova tunes with such grace?"

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-Foxtrot368d ago

Final Fantasy VIII's is better lets be honest.

Relientk77368d ago

Final Fantasy IX's is better than both. Let's be honest.


-Foxtrot368d ago

Well FFVIII's is the one which stands out the most tbh

You know FFVII and FFIX are from the same franchise by how they sound while FFVIII sounds more unique...not to mention the first to use an original song "Eyes on Me"

Segata362d ago

VI and IX IMO have the best in the series with V being right behind them.

indyman7777362d ago

@Relientk77 nice sarcasm.

My top Music rank

Only game that comes close to FFVII is: The legend of Heroes trails of cold steel 2.

MWH367d ago

you two ping-pong the honest ball as long as you want but in all honesty there's beautiful music in every FF game especially the ones composed by the great Uematsu. which one is the best?.. why chose one?

-Foxtrot367d ago

I didn't say the others were shit though did I?

bigmalky367d ago

This. I love most of the series' music. I'll admit that Nier and Nier: Automata knocked FF from first place though.

Never felt a gaming experience through music as much as gameplay than both titles.

If you haven't played them, give them a go. Listening to the soundtracks is okay, but playing them and taking it in as an emotive companion to the gameplay is something special, even more so than FF games.

And before you all throw hate, I am not saying any FF music is bad here.

MWH367d ago

@bigmalky do tell, I have both Nier albums in my car mp3 usb.

@-Foxtrot I believe you foxy.

franwex367d ago

Maybe FF8's music is better, maybe not. That's subjective. FF7's music did have more of an impact on gaming though.

Elda367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

The music was ok. Imo FFXIII OST by Masashi Hamauzu was amazing.The first videogame OST I ever downloaded.

franwex367d ago

Lol. I also enjoyed the soundtrack for a ff game that isn’t considered that great. I really, really enjoyed ff15’s soundtrack. I would buy it if it didn’t come in a blu Ray.

Elda367d ago

I beg to I adored FFXIII.