WorthPlaying: Samba De Amigo Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Are you a fan of music?

Note that I didn't say "music games" or "rhythm games" or anything like that, just … music. The spirit of music, the soul of music, the funk and the groove, the power of melody and beats! Can music move you if you let it?

Furthermore, are you open to other genres of music besides rock 'n' roll? If you are, and you have a Wii, then you're in luck: Samba de Amigo is right up your alley.

The music gaming scene, at least outside of Japan, is becoming a bit "one-note" lately, for lack of a better term. Anywhere you go, you're bound to see a game that encourages you to play a fake plastic guitar, or to mime a guitar, or to star in a band with guitars, or snap on and finger a keypad that's making believe it's a guitar - and all to the same recycled pop rock music, in most cases. That is fine, don't get me wrong - heck, you should see the number of fake instruments I have in my apartment, many of which are shaped like guitars - but after a while, one starts craving something a little different. (Especially since the Elite Beat Agents developers have decided to do karaoke now.)"

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