WorthPlaying: wipEout HD Review

WorthPlaying writes: "When you think of Sony franchises, your mind likely first goes to action/platform games like God of War or Ratchet & Clank. Even when you think of racing games on Sony consoles, you'll likely conjure an image of Gran Turismo. All the while, sitting quietly in the wings isWipEout. The futuristic racing franchise all about speed and power has been quietly humming along for over a decade now, and suddenly it has burst onto the PS3 with a vengeance. With WipEout HD's gorgeous visuals, incredibly deep campaign and lag-free online play, this is one racing game that everyone needs to check out.

Fans of the series will likely feel instantly familiar with WipEout HD, and that is largely because all of the tracks have been culled from the last two PSP releases in the series, WipEout Pure and WipEout Pulse. This reuse of old content isn't a bad thing, though, as their new presentation on the big screen in high-def will make you marvel and just what wondrous creations they are. Tracks that already looked pretty darn good on Sony's handheld device really come to life here, and it's likely you'll experience more than a few crashes from spending too much time marveling at the scenery and not enough time concentrating on that sharp right-hand turn that suddenly gets thrown your way."

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