This Year's Top Searches on Google for Tech Products Include Nintendo Switch & Xbox One X Consoles

Google published 2017's top searches and in the Consumer Tech category, there are two consoles in the Top 5: Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X.

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LavaLampGoo342d ago

Glad the Nintendo Switch has proven so popular

NoPeace_Walker342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Nintendo Switch and the X...perfect home and away console combo. No wonder they are popular as they both excelled at their best in their respective domain. Switch is the best portable gaming device and the X is the best and most powerful home console device. The only gaming devices in the top 10 Google's Tech product list. Gongrats to both.

SirBradders342d ago

It's kinda a given considering their both new products.

Stogz342d ago

Best is absolutely subjective, and many would disagree. Most powerful is true though.