Dragon Ball FighterZ: Goku Black with Zamasu, Beerus, Hit Join Playable Character Roster

Three new characters from tjhe Dragon Ball Super anime.

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Game4r38d ago

All of these characters look so good!!!

36d ago
gangsta_red38d ago

Nice! Really curious on how Hit will play.

tayz37d ago

I think he will be just like the Xenoverse 2 version!

DaFeelz37d ago

So, Hit, Vegeta and Frieza is gonna be my squad. Hyped!

KwietStorm37d ago

Hit should be extremely fun to learn in this game.

DarXyde36d ago

They're including plenty of current characters. They probably won't make another game but focus on patch balances and DLC (not a bad thing). I'm guessing once Super fully materializes that form that uses Ultra Instinct, we'll get that Goku/Vegeta, and Jiren.

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