UGO: Quantum of Solace-Hands On Preview

UGO writes: "I have to admit, I'm excited for the new James Bond game. It's not just because I'm dying for the film to come out. It's a little bit because of the excellent face mapping they did with Daniel Craig. Sue me. He's hot. But really, for me it's all about the switch from first to third person. Let me explain. I've been gaming for a long time. I know you all have your favorites, but I've never been a huge first person shooter fan. It's not that I don't like them. They just make me a little ill. Solve that for me and I'll love you forever.

So I played the new Quantum of Solace game and I managed to get out of there with no headache! (And since they gave us martinis, I am pretty proud of that) The game switches from first to third person when you take cover. And according to the developers, you can play through most of the game that way. Not that I would, but it took away most of the vertigo that I usually experience. Jeremy Luytes, Lead Game Designer for Treyarch told us, "We thought it was important that people got to see Bond as they played him. Bond's a pretty smart guy and deals with situations in a technical way so we thought nothing would be better than to have it go to third person and have him use cover...we also incorporated some new techniques that were different from other "cover combat" games which includes the ability to leap-frog forward and the ability to wrap around cover without leaving yourself vulnerable.'"

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