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Project CARS 2 is a phenomenal package and a must-have for motorsport enthusiasts. The sequel doesn't just solidify the series as a worthy competitor to Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, it betters its rivals in many notable ways with class-leading weather effects, an unrivalled track roster and variety of racing disciplines, deep and demanding, yet thoroughly rewarding driving physics, and a comprehensive career that immerses you into the world of motorsport like no other racing game. Technical issues and underwhelming visuals take some of the shine off the game, but now that Slightly Mad Studios is starting to fix some of its most glaring issues, Project CARS 2 is a strong contender for the best racing game of the year.

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OoglyBoogly369d ago

It's pretty damn good as a racing simulator, much better than the first, but the "game" part still leaves a lot to be desired.

In racing games like Forza or Gran Turismo there's a progression system and monetary systems in place to reward the player. With Project Cars 2 there isn't. The single player campaign basically just has you doing series of races with SET cars one after the other while upgrading your profile stats that ultimately mean nothing. At least in the aforementioned games you get to choose your own cars to race and each race gives you money/credits to spend on other cars and upgrades...PCars 2 has none of this.

In Free Race mode you can also choose ANY car and ANY track right from the start so there's no need to try to unlock this or that to use in the campaign (unlike I remember GT with it's Arcade mode and limited selection).

Yeah, the graphics, car selection, map selection, weather, physics, VR support...I mean EVERYTHING about the game is pretty damn freakin' SOLID! It's just that as someone that likes racing GAMES I've found myself growing kind of bored with it...and I have a Oculus Rift and Fanatec rig, etc...I enjoy these games to the max for sure. It's just the lack of progression and "doing stuff" that kills it for me.

Lamboomington369d ago

"In Free Race mode you can also choose ANY car and ANY track right from the start so there's no need to try to unlock this or that to use in the campaign "

That's a good thing in a proper sim. It's not a racing game like Forza, it's a hardcore racing sim in it's structure. Having to unlock cars through some career mode would be horrible. This has more to do with your game preferences than anything.

OoglyBoogly369d ago

Well that's why I say that I think PCars 2 is a good racing simulator but not really a good racing least I distinguish the two. To me GTR2 was a good simulator but had very little actual game qualities. This game is the same.

London___369d ago

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beanplant369d ago

One of the best VR games right now assuming you also have a gaming wheel

stefan_771369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Without a doubt the worst game I have ever played. It's a broken, unplayable mess. Cars don't drive straight, they steer and spin out with no input, they don't steer with input, the difficulty settings are broken making races too easy and too hard within the same race it's full of screen tearing and frame rate drops and it frequently crashes. I'm glad I got rid of mine