UGO: Call of Duty: World at War Interview

UGO writes: "David Vonderhaar is the multiplayer design director for the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War...I didn't bow when he passed or anything, but I've got to say, the game is pretty incredible. We've got our "Capture the Flag" back, a ton of shiny new weapons to blast the crap of out of people with, competitive multiplayer, and vehicle perks. We've got death cards, (modifiers to customize your game) flack jackets, molotov cocktails, co-op mode...are you freaking out yet? Vonderhaar tells us about his favorite weapons, his part in the design process and how he's waiting for the beta version...see? You could actually be playing with him. Tell him I said hi.

UGO: The new game is a freaking blast to play. Can you tell us about some of the new features?

David Vonderhaar: There's a lot of new features in Call of Duty: World at War. We're bringing in a game called "War" which we've done before in Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 3, but we sort of went back to the board and revisited how we were going to present that game mode. And "War" is 5, or 3 in the small map, leader objectives, which you take in order. And in War, you have the momentum meter, which means that, as you're accumulating kills and kill streaks, you're building momentum, momentum leads up to blitzkrieg, blitzkrieg leads to capturing flags faster. We also have "Capture the Flag", which is a fan favorite. They asked for it directly...and on top of that there is a whole new series of perks, like flack jacket, talk back and reconnaissance, water cooler, all the vehicle perks are brand new. We have tanks in the game…"

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