Crunch, Unpaid Overtime, Poor Health - Industry Norms That Need to Change

Christian Kealoha Miller writes: "Schafer recounted how he and his team at LucasArts spent long nights and weekends at work on their project. At first the pace didn't phase the team, they were just so excited to be working on their project. Later on when they calculated their actual per-hour pay however, it turned out to be $3.50, well-below minimum wage."

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strayanalog363d ago

Not surprised by any of this, which is sad to say. I've heard the horror stories and read about them throughout the years and feel your pain. Doing a job you love is a fantastic feeling, but some people, let's call them douchebags, ‎prey on that very thing when they know you like what you do.
In the gaming industry it's no joke when someone says it's a "labor of love," but I truly hope things get better because a lot of these guys do fantastic work. I say the community should band together and stand up against these negative practices. We have social media, so let's use it for something good. Let's work on something for them for a change.‎