Dreams: the Space Between the Notes - New Normative

Nic Rueben writes: "Impressionist composer Claude Debussy once famously remarked that "Music is the space between the notes." The beauty of a song lies not the systems - in what can be defined, cataloged or scored and shared - but in the unique idiosyncrasies that the individual musician provides. It could almost be a mantra for Media Molecule, the studio known for whimsical toolkits like Little Big Planet and Tearaway."

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yellowgerbil340d ago

I am so pumped for this game. I do webcomics but I can't draw backgrounds at all, so at the very worst case I can use dreams to do city scapes and then trace them for correct perspective in comics, allowing me to take some of my stories I care more about and actually draw them.
now best case, I can create fully animated short films and share my stories with the world.
the game has been my most anticipated game since the ps4 reveal and am still eagerly waiting for it to completely change the way I approach and create art.

ps4fanboy340d ago

Must have to any creative soul.

G20WLY340d ago

Or cheapskates like me, who want to pay for a game once and then sit back and play it forever thanks to the hard work and creativity of others 😁