2017's Biggest Surprises

The Player 2 team discuss their biggest gaming surprises for 2017. The games and systems that beat all expectations and turned out wonderfully despite the worry pre-release.

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EddieNX 337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

The biggest surprise is that the Switch has sold 10 million by December ( official Nintendo sales figures )

Xbox vs Playstation this gen the playstation is the clear winner. But Nintendo also appears to be the winner as well with their top rated exclusives and massively selling new console.

strayanalog337d ago

2017's biggest gaming surprises for me:
1. Nintendo Switch: its exclusives were insanely fun (Zelda, Mario, and Kingdom Battle, seriously, who expected the last one to be that fun?!) and I'm very much looking forward to the future with it.
2.‎ Star Fox 2: I never thought we would ever get a proper release.‎ About time.
3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco: EA proves again why I dislike them in the highest sense, but the community uniting was fantastic!
4. Last but not least, not in any way, you guys on n4g. Its been a fun year griping with, agreeing on, and pissing off every single one of you. Best social gaming site since gamecubeland. Seriously, though. You guys are great.‎

Segata335d ago

My biggest surprise was how amazing Yakuza 0 is. How many games I bought in 2017.