UGO TGS 08: Street Fighter 4 Preview

UGO writes: "I thought I'd get a chance to relax and catch my breath when I stepped off the busy Tokyo streets into a SEGA arcade. I was sorely mistaken. On the second floor, usually reserved for simulation games, waited four long rows of Street Fighter 4 cabinets. I had hoped to get my hands on SF4 in NYC's Chinatown Arcade, but long lines of hardcore players who demand you address them by their 3 letter arcade name-JOE, MIK, CTP-kept me away. This was my chance to spend some quality time with the fighter.

Only six players were on the twenty plus machines. I chose one in a secluded corner to practice a few moves. As Dhalsim, I made short work of my CPU opponents. For three rounds, I puffed fire and body spiraled and stretched and generally whooped a**. The game feels like a natural successor to Street Fighter 2; any SF fan will instantly grasp the arena and how to use your fighter."

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