The Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels - Part Four

Phil writes, "Getting one of these games in your stocking might make most of you wish you would have gotten coal instead! Games disappoint for all sorts of reasons, whether they're low quality, broken either mechanically or technically -- whatever you can think of, but the ones that follow up games that you really enjoyed might be the toughest to swallow. Imagine loving a game so much that you yearn for a sequel, and the sequel given to you is... less than spectacular -- and that's putting it mildly. That's what The Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels is all about, and we've reached Part Four of our tour of mediocre sequels. This edition we delve in to three 2017 releases as well as some ghosts of game sequels past.

Once you check out the latest entries on this list, explore the past three parts of this ongoing series, and sound off on which games you'd like to see added to future installments."

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Alexious364d ago

Battlefront II is actually a good game, barring the loot box stuff.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

"With pay-to-win loot boxes, that is exactly what EA had in store for players. It's a case of greed at its most distilled in gaming -- putting spending money over the actual balance of gameplay"


That is removed from the game and has been since the day the game launched. Sorry folks, but if someone dislikes the game that is fine, but lets make for reasons about the game's current state, not based on what it "was" before. That makes very little sense and this site just seems to be chasing clickbait crap.

"Despite knowing that the actual gameplay of the newest Star Wars Battlefront is of good quality" why is it on this list? Soooo this is based on a personal bias then? Might as well add any game to this list regardless of quality then, whats next Activision customer service was rude to me, this is why Destiny 2 is on this list, I mean "Despite knowing that the actual gameplay of the newest Destiny 2 is of good quality".

If you don't like it for its gameplay, fine. Respect, but this view is based on something irrelevant to the actual quality of the game itself, its a part of the game completely removed and irrelevant to its current state

GamesMaster1982364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Yeah played 2 missions in campaign in Battlefront 2 and got bored and traded it in, never touched the online either. Picked up Dead Rising 4 with the trade and not that good of a game but having way more fun than i did in Battlefront 2. But Mass Effect Andromeda i disagree the game was decent finished campaign earlier in year and am back in it now doing side missions and loving it. the Nomad driving was improved loads from the past games too.